loud gas sloshing?

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    I posted this within a thread elsewhere but wanted to create a topic here to see if maybe I can get a few more opinions..

    Has anyone else noticed loud sounds from the gas tank when the gas is full / close to full? https://youtu.be/WqfTcZAab9w   (I am barely pushing against the bike here…)

    It sounds like something is knocking against the gas tank. Some people have suggested it’s just the gas but it really sounds like something physical. It’s louder and more distinct than on any other bike I’ve been on… (admittedly not that many) Am I just being paranoid?


    It appears to be normal. I just topped off and mine does it too. Plus, I checked another Svartpilen…same sound.


    Yeah I hear it a bit, but think it’s fine. All of my motos I can hear it slosh around in if a move them side to side enough.

    JM Sebastian

    A friend and más have had the same problem with our Svartpilens. I think it’s a problem with the design of the gas tank.


    I think the sound is the level sensor thats floating in the tank. I assume its a little plastic float sensor , maybe something like this (image below) , and the knocking we are hearing is the plastic float hitting the top of its holder rod when the gas sloshes it up there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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