Looking to make my 401 LOUDER. Best slip-on recommendations

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    I know there are a number of posts already on here about slip-ons and cat deleted, but it seems like a lot of information is scattered through out and not aggregated.  Wondering if anyone has any good sound clips/videos of the various different exhausts and personal recommendation.  I have heard that the competition werkes slip-on is loud but have not been able to hear it up close.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks

    Fred from france
    Fred from france


    Here is my svartpilen with no cat, the slip on is an akra with db killer and it s very loud.


    I can t remove the db killer it s too much for me lol

    The sound with the husqvarna exhaust is very good with decat. But i bought the bike with the akra.




    I agree with above. I have the cat delete from Competition werkes …the Akra slip on did little to nothing over stock until I ran the cat delete. It’s loud but not annoyingly loud …also feels like HP gained a bit too, bike feels much more complete and at home with the cat delete



    Looking at getting this, its nearly half the price of the akro slip on for the svart 401. Anyone found anything better / cheaper? I quite like this look over the puny akro. Thanks.




    I ended up getting the Akro, and got it through my dealer for a fraction of the price it lists for online.  I believe I paid about $300.


    In terms of sounds, it didnt make much a difference, but I do notice the sound a bit louder and slightly more aggressive in the 5-8k RPM range.  Overall not a huge difference though.  Considering doing the cat delete as well.



    I did the same mods, Akra (with db killer) + Cat Delete. But I feel like I’ve lost some torque in the process over stock. Top end feels more agressive (sound could be a huge factor here)

    I’m OK with trading some torque over pure fun.

    How’s your experience?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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