longest trip so far?

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    I was wondering what’s the longest trip anyone has made on a Vit/Svartpilen and how did the bike do?
    More importantly, how did YOU do?  😉


    My longest trip so far was my first ride. I got a ride out to the dealer, then bought and road the new bike 100 miles home. I used secondary streets so I could vary engine speed and make a stop or two since it was brand new. The bike is comfortable, the riding position is great. The next day I could feel it but that was more the return to riding, not the bike.


    600km with short stops in the Swiss alps. The riding position is ok, the comfort of the saddle is great. My other bikes (Buell S1, Moto Guzzi Le Mans) rides never as comfortable as the Vitpilen



    I did 180 miles to get back to my dealer. It was a mix of Interstate & State Highway. The bike was great on state highways. I could hang on the interstate, but going more than 75-80 felt pretty wrapped out. It wasn’t too bad on my body. I wore some padded shorts under my jeans. Worked fine.



    50 miles with my wife on the back. Lots of fun but hurt like hell after. Only 5’5” but it’s crowded with two and legs were pretty cramped up.


    My longest ride (with a coffee break in the middle) was some +200 km’s (from full tank to close to empty). Mostly two lane back country/mountain roads here in British Columbia. Very comfortable, more comfortable than my Yamaha WR250R for that length of time. Riding position seems to make the difference. Sidewinds can be bothersome, but that’s to be expected.


    About a 100 km non-stop on a lonely highway (mostly about 120 – 150 kph) – had a strong head-wind so I definitely had to work to hold on to the bike. Was dreaming of a nice wind deflector (or two), but that is to be expected on a naked. That is not a common trip for me, so I am not really too bothered.

    Ergos of the bike was actually nicer than what I expected.



    My longest ride was 274 miles(440 km) with two breaks while riding. The ride consisted of backroads.


    I picked up my Vitpilen 401 on a Friday and rode around 170 km.

    Saturday  I rode up north to friends and did about 380 km.

    Sunday I rode home and did about 270 km.

    The Saturday ride was by far the most painful ride I ever had on a motorcycle. Since most of it was on secondary roads it took  over 5 hours to get to my friends place.  After the first 2 hours my ass started started to regret the ride.  I will no longer do long rides on my Vit,

    I call it my hour bike now. After one hour I have to get off of it.

    I only did the long ride to break it in quicker as I do with any new bike I buy. This was specifically bought to be used as a city bike and I find it fantastic for that purpose.


    I did two long rides in the Alps back in Octobrer : one 512km/9h10 ride and another 425km/7h59 one (GPS data). Only rode on smaller secondary roads, lots of twists and turns, no highway. I stopped twice during each ride, to fuel up and get a quick rest. Seat is definitely not comfortable at all on longer rides, which I had anticipated, so I wore some padded cycling shorts, and added also a homemade dense foam cutout insert between them and my trousers. This really improved the comfort of the ride immensely ! I also tried to stand up regularly whilst riding, to change position, stretch legs and relieve seat area. Other than that, I thought the bike handled the long rides just fine.


    I think it’s important to keep in mind what this bike (Svartpilen 401) is designed for, and not expect it to do more than that. As another member mentions, he bought it for city riding, and it’s excellent for that. I bought it for errands (and fun) where I live in the mountains of upstate NY. Every trip starts with 5 miles of dirt road before hitting some nice two lane curvy blacktop. This bike excels here, and I can push it on both kinds of roads. For short trips to the store (tank bag is great), or a run to nearby friends places (typically 30-40 miles), I couldn’t ask for much more. It is nimble and spirited. The engine is fantastic. Would I take it on a cross country tour? No way. Most of the negative comments I see on this forum seem to stem from trying to make this bike something it isn’t. If you embrace it for what it is, it is an excellent machine.


    Alx Blanco

    170 km the first day, I purchased the bike from Mexico City road to “Ajusto” dealer and then drive back to home (State of Queretaro) must confess I didnt reach “top speed” obviously with a new engine it wouldnt be wise to force it.

    I really enjoyed the ride, the bike responded fine when I needed extra power. Because to the skinny-kind-guy I’am I didnt feel the seat comfortable at all, more after two hours of riding that made me stop twice.

    Agree with ECJJCE, this is city & home-surroundings bike, can you go farther? Sure you can, but are you willing to carry with and extra gallon container knowing space limitations?

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