Local rides in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco?

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    So I own a 2020 Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 which now resembles a Vitpilen. Is anyone interested in meeting to do  group casual rides around Oakland/Berkeley area even SF on weekends? If so folks could meet for coffee and chat about bikes and chill for a bit. The more Husqvarna moto’s the better!  Just an idea. My idea stems from seeing people in SF group riding Vespas, in Oakland Group riding Harleys together and huge group rides on dirt bikes ( kinda crazy). Let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks!Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 modded

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    If you’re ever on the mid-Peninsula (Redwood City) JC, Fridays are usually good, lmk.

    It’s a long way to come over the bridge..

    Husky Gabe

    I’m in the East Bay Area. I usually ride on Saturday or Sunday mornings if I don’t have family obligations. Just did a ride in Marin today. 21 Svart


    Sounds good! Weekends would be good for me as well. I teach all week and I have vacation time too. I have some time off the week of Thanksgiving, so the weekend following thanksgiving could work. If not, I’m open to setting up a time when ever possible!



    I ride all the time in the bay.  Would love to meet up.



    Thanks for replying… do you live in the east bay?


    I’m on the Peninsula as well, a bit further North in Burlingame.

    Wouldn’t mind catching up with others, although it’s a bit cold at the moment…

    I’ve still been riding around town, but FUUUCK the highway right now. It’s just too cold.



    , @enjoiful, @HuskyGabe, @svartipants

    Heya, FYI, I rode with a pretty open group last weekend via a monthly Meetup clinic/ride called Doc Wong’s Riding Clinic.

    Run by an older racer and Chiropractor, he starts off with a short lecture on a riding topic, focused on helping newer riders develop better/safer riding habits. Then an open invitation ride with a wide variety of bikes and skill levels. About 120-150mi I believe.

    I’ve got about 5mo/2,500mi of riding under me, and felt pretty middle of the pack in terms of speed and skill level. Although the front of the pack guys and gals were still able to cut loose and haul ass. So no one should feel uncomfortable riding with them.

    Worth checking out!

    Also, there’s another Meetup group doing a ride tomorrow called the Four Corners Motorcycle Club. Much smaller group, and probably moving faster.


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