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    I took the opportunity while in ‘lockdown’ to fit the lithium battery I bought from Anti-gravity batteries. The battery is the small size version without the additional protection circuitry, rather than the direct size-for-size replacement version. It came with handy foam pads to fill the space around it to bulk it out to the same size as the original battery. I didn’t weigh it, but I reckon I’ve saved at least 1kg? Added to the cast allow wheels, my bike should now be a good few kg’s lighter than stock. Here is a pic of it installed, fits nicely…

    But I was surprised how big the 401’s stock battery is, it’s 10Ah, bigger than the 9.1Ah battery in hubby’s MT-09! It was also physically bigger than the stock batteries of my MT-07, and hubby’s F750GS!


    Looks good! Thanks for sharing.



    Yep, looks good!


    For Australian owners you can get POWEROAD Lithium Motorcycle Battery PLFP-9R around $190 NZD  which has higher CCA at 210 than stock YTX9-BS which is 135 cca, you probably can get away with the next smaller size battery which is lighter and cheaper but PLFP-9R this is what is recommended to replace YTX9-BS stock battery so I didnt want to risk it.



    Thanks mate I’m in Queensland I’ll check the battery out. How much weight you safe?


    I was recommended to up the power when going LiFePo.

    I am running the Shido LTX 14 BS.

    It has 48 wh & 240 CCA.

    I didnt weigh it, but it is definitely much lighter.

    As far as dimensions go, it’s a little smaller so the toolkit has more room.

    Been using for a few months, real test will be over winter though.


    stock battery is 3.2kg so about 2.4kg saving.

    I bought another Power road lithium battery rated 140cca for my race bike and worked perfectly fine, it was $50 cheaper as well, 550g


    2.4 kilos it’s a lot I’ll def chance it


    What is the battery model exactly?


    Back in the day when these bikes sat on dealer floors for one year +unsold, my battery died before I could buy the bike. The dealer said that Husqvarna warrantied the battery and recommended a WPS Firepower Lithium Ion battery be installed. They aren’t Expensive and it has worked well so far.


    I recently picked up my 2021 Vit 401 and am looking to drop as much weight as possible. In central Cali, so weather is basically 65-75 F (~18-24 C) year ‘round, so sub-freezing isn’t a concern.

    What 550g battery did you end up with?

    I’m shopping around for smallest/lightest reliable options to obviously drop weight, but also free up space.


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