Light up 701 in Headlight

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    I wanted to try to make a light up 701 on the headlight “bridge” like on the concept bike. When I disassembled the headlight I could not figure out how to remove the “bridge” so I could cut out the 701. So I gave up on the light up part of the project.

    Instead I decided to make a vinyl sticker to see if it would look any good. here the result:Vitpilen 701 headlight with logo

    in a few days I will put it on the bike and take some more pictures, but I think I like the looks and will probably leave it like this.

    I have some pictures showing how I did it so if there is interest I can do a post of it.

    And if some of you are interested I can make and send out these stickers (price has to be seen individually depending the shipping cost to your country).



    Hi swisspilen, Looks Really cool. Would like to See how you did this. Did you used reflective Vinyl for the Sticker? Cheers



    Hello swisspilen, I’m very interested to see how it looks on the bike, and have some info regarding how to do that. If it’s look good and it’s not too harsh, maybe I’ll be interested to do the modification (PS: I’m in Geneva)


    Hi Swisspilen or anybody who knows how to do this. How can  the front Glass can be removed? I removed the screws on the back but the glass shield still sits firm and thight. There are three openings on the back which are closed with plastic plugs . Probably to push the reflector unit and glass out of the body. However, I am afraid that the reflector gets damaged if one pushes too hard. Many thanks for advice !


    To modify the headlight you have to unscrew the tour screws at the back. ( do not remove the grey caps they are vents for presure difference)

    Light disasembly


    After this you have to pry open the Headlight between the front glass and the back cover. Be careful its holding on really hard. The best way to do it is to wedge a thin screwdriver in between the glass and the cover and with a second one to lift up the black cover slightly at the little indicators in the cover. Do one boy one slowly moving each one a bit further out.

    light opening


    There are some catching hooks a bit deeper. When they are free you can pull the two halves apart. It could still stick a bit due to the rubber seal.

    light tabs


    Then you can unscrew these 6 screws to remove the reflectors (mark witch one goes where)

    light reflectors


    After removing the reflectors it looks like this

    open light


    I then cut out the sticker on white vinyl and stuck it on the “bridge” from behind (don’t remove the metal part in the middle like I did. It will not do anything easier)

    light sticker


    Then clean the glass well from inside and put all back together in the reverse order.

    I can make the stickers and sell/ send them if you want PM me. I am in Switzerland so for Swiss guys the shipping cost will be lowest.


    And here on the bike in the dark

    701 in the dark701 in the dark no light

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    Many thanks for your detailed Instructions! Will post photos of the Result Soon.


    Looks quiet good ! 👍🏼


    Love this!


    Here a picture of how it looks during the day

    701 logo in Headlight


    Looks awesome Swisspilen! I would like to ask if the Headlight lens is detachable or is it firmly attached to the lamp as a unit?


    Great idea! Love it


    That looks awesome! I would be interested in the sticker. How much would be the shipping to Germany?

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