Leaky gas tank recall in Canada

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    I had a leak with my 2019 Vitpilen 701 gas tank in September 2019 (more details on that in this thread: https://vitpilenforum.com/forums/topic/fuel-leak/#post-12238 ). My dealer replaced it under warranty but I did flag to Transport Canada because of the numbers of people worldwide with this issue.

    I got a call back today from the agent handling my case and she said that Husqvarna is issuing a Canada-wide recall for the tank based on my complaint. They are sending out mail notifications soon. However, they don’t have a fix yet and will likely send out a second notification by mail when they have a plan of action.

    Happy pandemic riding!

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    Max KoolMax Kool

    Not on the nhtsa website yet here in the US. Keeping an eye on it.

    (although mine doesn’t leak)

    AvatarSome Guy

    I just put up a post in an older gas leak thread – my dealer in the US got notification of the recall on 25 March


    I brought mine to the the dealer two weeks ago (100 miles, third ride) with leaking clutch slave. Two weeks to get the correct part and then I get it recalled while it’s still in the shop for the gas leak in USA. Dealer said there’s a recall but no fix for it yet… wtf? And I thought my Ducati’s were bad.


    I put this in the other gas leak thread, but there is a service bulletin/recall of some sort and you can check for it on your bike here:


    I received my notice letter about the gas tank issue on Friday. (I live in the United States). I haven’t been riding it since I heard about the issue a few months ago.  I still have no leak.  Fingers crossed they get a fix soon.  I need my quick shifter fixed as well since it has never worked.  Pretty unacceptable…


    Update: called my dealer in Toronto today. COVID restrictions have held up the production and distribution of the replacement part, but their rep the dealer a new part has been engineered and approved. She wasn’t sure exactly what changes had been made, guessing (like the rest of us) that it is a different plastic material.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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