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    I have started to look into the CAN-bus on my vitpilen 401, and from what I understand there is 50Hz and 100Hz update rate (responsive real-time, not polled OBD traffic which is slower) CAN traffic that you can translate into all data like RPM, Speed, lights, Gear, lamps.

    So how about making an app for a smartphone (iPhone) that can display that data in realtime, and at the same time have space for extra data like lap-timing or GPS nav. Depending on the task for the day 🙂

    Since my OBD wifi interface choked when I tried the “ATMA” (monitor all) command, I will instead sniff the bus with a microprocessor instead. That could then relay the data to the iPhone in real-time (wifi or Bluetooth).


    BUMP.   The French gentleman looks like he bought a TFT Display?  Did he install it?  Did it work?  Anybody swap out the OEM?  Thanks.

    AvatarHenry Dick

    So, as far as I can tell, the BadWinners TFT is available in a Kit for the 701, don´t know if that’s new or not. It’s not sold separately, but I contacted them if and when that could be the case.

    I am working on a custom solution with an Arduino…do you have any progress or more details on your work with the CAN? Thx.

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    This TFT IS available as a stand-alone purchase, but there has been substantial delays in production. I ordered and paid for one months ago, but there has been two subsequent delays and I just cancelled the order, as I have no confidence they can get it to me before the rain comes.

    It was about $600 USD delivered at that time, but they have increased the price 100 euro in the meantime and the 20% pre-purchase discount is not available anymore, so it’s costly to be sure, although I recently saw a site-wide 15% off deal, so  . . . .

    I very much dislike the OEM speedo, but am not over-excited about BW display design. They could have done much more in the display to yield more info, I think. It seems they were going for minimalist info on-screen.

    Somewhat disappointed I had to cancel, but I was anxious about the purchase anyway, so no big deal. I do not like the OEM and this one was better, but lots of room for something going wrong in the design/application/warranty/functionality, so probably for the best.

    They still are taking pre-orders on it, but it’s more expensive and they still cannot promise a delivery date. My guess, in the States, you’re looking at Sept sometime – best case.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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