KTM 690 exhaust

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Sorry for another exhaust topic😅🙈</p>
    have some questions that popped up during my exhaust research..definitely need to get rid of my Alipovic that is currently mounted (looks like a real Akra..but sounds fairly different).

    anyway options are quite low when it comes to exhausts and I’m quite picky…ordered my R nine T exhaust in Thailand at K-speed for example.

    anyway, at this very moment I’m very interested in a Ktm duke 3 690 Akrapovic evolution line..underneath mounting.

    Probably I’m missing something, hardly no one buys ktm 690 exhausts..as far as I can see, engine is the same when it comes to outlet and the frame is the same..so only problem can be that the nut and bolt locations are slightly different..but besides that..no need to panic.


    is there anyone who is able to give me some information about my way of thinking? Or is there something about ktm exhaust that makes it impossible to exchange with each other.


    the underneath exhaust deletes the catalyser as well so that problem will be solved at the same time🙏




    C’est possible mais il y’a pas mal d’inconvénients.

    La position des cales pieds différents du duke obligent à modifié le tube entre le decataliseur et le silencieux.

    Le moteur nécessite une reprogrammation pour fonctionner au mieux ( il y’a quand même un gain sans, mais fonctionnent trop pauvre)

    Le prix est très élevé mais bon c’est une moto plaisir…..!


    There is a guy from South Korea on instagram, who has that exhaust system.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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