Just some pics of my 701 (with small mods so far)

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    Hi together,

    mounted my Spoke Wheel set today, so I used the chance to take some pics.

    Mods so far: Spoke Wheels, ABM Superbike kit combined with bar end mirrors,

    Indicators changed to Kellermann Atto and replaced the horn with a Stebel TM80 (much better).

    I like the look of the tail tidy place down there on the wheel, but I did not like the fat light for the license plate. So I removed that part, placed the Plate a Little higher and used a Kellermann Micro light (which could also suit as a highbeam :-p ). Looks little bit more clean then origin, but I´m still waiting for a lightweight version for the tail tidy, guess Rizoma will have something in their 2019 catalogue (was shown on EICMA)



    Man the spoke wheels look so good on the 701. They should’ve come with bike stock.


    I had the chance to choose between getting the Akrapovic exhaust or the spoke wheels ( instead of standard) as part of the negotiation. Offer seems still valid at KTM dealer in Munich North

    As I find the stock pipe more suitable fom design point of view that was the perfect alternative…


    Well you did good. And those are tubeless unlike the spoke wheels that come with the 401.


    Your bike looks very nice like that. And yeah the spoked wheels make it all! I don’t know why they put that duke’s wheels stock..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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