Just changed my battery for a Lithium one. Here is the result (pics inside)

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    Hi there,


    Since the begining, I was struggling to find a way to hold my block-disc without having to hold it in my jacket, and I didn’t want an ugly block-disk holder on my frame.

    After months of research, I finally found what I was looking for…

    SOLISE is a french company based in Guéreins (north of Lyon) specialised in batteries. Here is their website: https://www.masolise.com/

    They offer what I think are the smallest lithium batteries of the market.

    Indeed, even Antigravity which are specialists too, do not offer such small batteries. The one I choose is the one they are proposing for the KTM Duke 690 at a price of 141 €.

    Plus to the small size, you can see that the weight is very low too, even with all the necessary parts to plug it. (NB: At the end, I didn’t use the velcro pad because it cannot stick properly with the rubber on the floor of the seat compartment).

    Comparing to the old one, I saved more than 2.6 kg which is not bad at all.

    You can see below the difference between before and after:

    I first tried to only put my block-disck using the rubber strap. It worked pretty well using a faom piece to protect the battery.

    But then I tried to add some more equipments. Here is the tool bah over the battery:

    Plus the block-disk over the tool bag:

    And to finish, over the tool bag and the block-disk, my “spider” net that I use to hold whatever I need over the fuel tank:

    With all those things below my seat, I closes normally without any problem.

    I hope this post helped some of you and that you found some answers to your questions within those pictures.

    If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    See you 😉


    Holy shit that thing cranks over your bike? It looks like a cell phone battery from the 90s!


    I have an antigrav lipo in my 701 and it’s slimmer/lighter than the lead-acid oem battery but about 8 times larger than that. Really impressive. Want to hear how it holds up over time. Also interested how it does in cold starts.


    Nice! That’s quite a bit of space you freed up with that battery!
    I had a lithium battery in my previous bike, and when it arrived I thought they sent me an empty box, they are ridiculously light!

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    now I’m wondering if this will go on the do list as well 😉


    Yes it cranks, and faster than with the Lead-Acid one.

    This picture below shows better what the size is:

    I’ll let you know how it went within few months and especially after winter.

    See you.



    the power of lithium


    i’m actually diy’ing one of these atm, hope it works just as well


    How is it holding up?

    Have you also balance charged it for maintenance?
    Or just simply let the bike charge it and not worry about the cells?


    English is not my native language, I’m sorry. What do you mean by “balance charged it ” ?

    For the time being I didn’t do anything else than plugging it and drive the bike. The bike is actually in maintenance right no since I had the most famous clutch failure, waiting for Husquvarna to approve the warranty cover.


    Lifepo4 batteries are made up of connected individual cells. Some of these batteries have a separate connector for hooking up to a special charger to make sure each cell is charged in equal balance with the others, since during use it is possible that some cells will drain at a faster rate than others (and cause longevity issues, or worse).

    All Shorai brand batteries have this with a small JST type port on the battery to attach to a balance charger.


    I’d like to know how it copes with cold temperatures, like minus 5 degC? In the past, lithium batteries don’t cope well with such temperatures. I use my bike all year and such cold temperatures are not unusual here in the UK.


    In cold weather it helps to turn the system on and let it warm up the battery first with a load before instantly cranking.

    I have a Lifepo4 battery in a Subaru that I daily drove year round in Michigan for a few years.


    Yes, I’ve heard that. Put the ignition on and lights and let it warm up a bit.


    Sorry SpeedHoles for the delay. I wasn’t aware of this thing you are talking about. On the picture I posted above, you can see a little extra plug, I don’t know if this the one you are looking after ?
    Concerning my case, my bike sleeps inside my garage every night so it is not really concerned by cold temperatures.


    899g doesn’t seem to be that much lighter than a proper box type version, must be quite hollow inside.


    Yeah you are right, I wasn’t expecting a boxed one to be lighter than mine, but here we are. Maybe I saved a little bit more space below my seat, but yours is winning the diet game ! Well done 😉

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