Just bought a 2020 Svartpilen – San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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    Hi to all, I bought a 2020 black Svartpilen 2020 today.

    Down here (San Juan, Puerto Rico) we don’t get to do test rides. You either buy it or just keep walking (at least at the local Husqvarna dealer, Evinmotors). This is the story of my purchase and first impression of the bike. Literally only have had the bike for @ 4 hours.

    My riding background: My other motorcycles have been a 2004 BMW Rockster (currently under restoration), a 1998 Kawasaki KLR 650, a 1989 Ninja 250 and other motorcycles, minibikes and 4 wheelers.


    Dealer: Evinmotors. The sales person (Nancy) was nice and answered 95% of my questions. The dealer does not stock any accessories for the Svartpilen or the Vitpilen. Just the bikes. I bought the headlight cover/guard (@$77us) along with the bike so it should take about a month to arrive (the headlight cover) and they don’t care to check if I can buy the wind screen through them. The purchase process and delivery process took about 2 hours to complete. A bit long in my opinion since they had all the info since last Friday. Today was supposed t0 be just “sign papers, pay up and go”.  And that was pretty much the process. No explanation of functions in the bike or presentation or anything. After all the waiting for them to process the paperwork it was like “here are the keys, the vehicle is now yours. Good day (leave). Any questions download the manual online”.


    The bike: The new bike had literally 0 miles in the odometer and was put together from the shipping crate this morning. It has all the shipping markings and some dust. Evidently, they did not bother cleaning up the bike much for delivery.

    Ride height: I’m relatively short, 5’5″ @ 185lbs so the seat height is just a tad high for me but very manageable.

    First impressions…I have to get used to the low torque. I found my self shifting too early and then having to down shift again to avoid chugging. I’m used to the 1,150cc 80ft torque of the BMW. Obviously the engine and whole bike is in break-in period so I have not applied full power or raced the engine. Fill a bit of jerking or surging from the engine not sure if it’s the clutch or what but will have a better idea after the break-in period.

    Just went for an exploratory cruise through Old San Juan (cobblestone streets).  The suspension is nice. I have not seen what setting it is in yet. The foot pegs and ergonomics are almost perfect for my body type/size!

    One thing I DO NOT LIKE…the grips, too small/thin. My hands cramped 10 minutes into the ride. Will NEED to get beefier grips like the BMW’s. I have small, old hands and the grips are too small, too “dirt bike” for me. Any suggestions welcomed.

    I may wrap the tank’s sides with some vinyl design in the same bronze color as the engine.

    I know this is not a touring bike but will try to set it up a bit for touring with saddle bags, fog lights, rear rack and other bits. Any suggestions for usable, small/medium tank bag with clear pocket for cell phone? The Husqvarna bags are just dry bags with straps and expensive ($190us)


    Hope to keep writing more updates as they happen.

    Ride safe and enjoy the ride!


    Another note, the tools provided to not cover some nut sizes in the bike. Example, I wanted to adjust the mirrors in the bike. Since the dealer did nothing to adjust the bike for me.

    Well, the tool bag does NOT have a wrench that fits the mirrors nuts for adjustment nor does it have a set of simple pliers. Will definitely have one to the tool set.


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