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    Is your Vitpilen 401 jerky in first gear?

    When I rode my Vitpilen 401 in the first gear around the car park or I was practicing slow maneuvers the engine was not smooth at all. I needed to be extra careful and hold a clutch. Once I forgot about it, which in turn caused me to lose control of the bike and I ended up in the hospital and the bike’s frame was bent so I got rid of the Vitpilen 401. The new season is coming and I’m thinking about buying a new bike, I’m considering Vitpilen 401 and Vitpilen 701, however, I’m really concerned about buying another bike with once cylinder engine. I might end up buying Monster 821 or Honda CBR650R to have a more predictable bike.

    What is your experience? Maybe it was just bad maintenance of my Vitpilen done by the dealer.

    Thanks, Vitpilen looks the best to me and I would gladly by a new one.


    Are you a new rider? First gear is always jerky on small CC bikes while cruising around but the Husky is tuned with a more sensitive throttle than the Duke 390 that it is based on. If I am not accelerating in 1st, I’m getting into 2nd as quickly as possible.


    I’m like stroem, shifting into 2nd quickly. First gear at high revs can be jerky on any bike.

    Did you have the bike assessed after downing it for maintenance issues? Was the chain adjusted properly?

    What speed were you doing in first gear that resulted in your injuries and a bent frame?



    I got my A license last year, however, I only rode two cylinders bikes such as Yamaha MT07, Suzuki Gladius and Kawasaki ER6N.  My Vitpilen 401 was not always smooth in the first gear, the engine revved quite smoothly and suddenly the engine like caught and the bike jumped forward 20 centimeters. I got used to it and I thought it is a characteristic of one cylinder engines in the first gear.

    On the car park, I was doing MotoJitsu exercises and after finishing one exercise, the bike jumped forward, hit the curb, I was almost thrown off the bike so I grabbed the handlebars and opened throttle instinctively and hit a tram.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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