IXIL SX1 custom exhaust


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    Hi all,


    Has anyone tried to custom fit this exhaust? Thinking about buying it and taking to the local for it to be custom fit. Looks like it should fit nicely under the body and mount securely.


    IXIL Custom exhaust


    Does your dealership do custom fabrication? Because that will probably take more custom work than most dealerships take on… Especially if it involves eliminating a catalyst which can bring up legal issues for them.

    At first glance I thought that pictured an oil filter sticking out of what looks like a Borla or Magnaflow race muffler for a car.

    You might have better luck fitting an underbody exhaust from an older Duke 690, like those available from Remus, Leo Vince, Akra, etc. I’ve been curious about fitment of those myself.


    I have a 2014 690 Duke with an underbelly Remus, I think that would be easier to custom fit than the above pictured exhaust.

    rod frostrod frost

    I have IXIL duels they go under the seat on my KTM Duke 390. Sound good …


    @changohot That is a sweet looking Duke 390! Neat little crash bars and I love that frame-mounted bag. Do I spot an SW-Motech rear carrier too? They are excellent pieces of kit, I have one on my MT-07.


    Hi Speedholes.

    Not dealership, a custom exhaust shop would fit it. Love the look of the under body to keep it clean. I hate the big chunky one on it and now and the akra.


    I will look into the 690 under body ones.


    Thank you.


    Cool, yeah I thought you said dealership in your original post.

    You’ll need to carefully take in to consideration the length of the custom header pipe to attach to this, since that can alter the power delivery of the motor.

    Keep us updated on what choice you make! I’m interested to see this bike with an underbelly exhaust.

    I agree with you, I don’t like the Akrapovic option muffler much. Not horrible, but not great.
    Atleast the stock muffler had good sharp lines and angles that match the bike design well, but it is just very large and doesn’t sound strong.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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