I've ordered mine today…

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    Even though I didn’t get “what this forum is about” I’ve registered here some time ago.

    Saying “hi!” should be the 1st to do in a forum. (I think I’ve done this now… :D)

    Let me inform you: I’ve ordered a 701 today without knowing
    – what the bike looks in reality
    – how much less the performance is, compared to my actual bike (KTM SM-R 690, full spec., including Akra titanium)
    – if I’ll feel comfortable riding it
    – without any other info

    SO be informed: In 2019 there is one more Vitpilen rider.


    I hope it will be a nice bike… ;->


    Hi ! And welcome. First I would say it looks way better in reality.

    The performance is quiet de same since it’s the same engine. (the sounds is terrible tho)

    It looks uncomfortable but it’s actually not really, just need some time to be used to.

    And the Shifter is changing Life.

    Enjoy 😉



    (*sorry, haven’t seen your post before…)

    Surely my Supermoto is way better performance. BUT the 701 is much more what I love about bikes.

    Received it yesterday and I’m looking forward to ride.

    THNX 4 your post.

    der Eratosthenes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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