is this a good price for the Svartpilen 401

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    I have a random question, but I’ve been looking at the Svartpilen 401 at local dealership and they’ve given me the price of $8,150 out the door (see breakdown below). They’re telling me that there is very little margin on the bike and there’s limited supply of Svartpilen 401’s shipped to the US so their price is firm. Is this a good price? Should I try to negotiate? This particular dealership has 2 Svartpilen 401’s on the floor and sold 1 to date. Thanks in advance!

    • MSRP – $6,299
    • Freight/setup/doc fees – $1,250
    • Registration – $80
    • Taxes – $521
    • Total – $8,150




    I’m pretty sure retail is $80 less than dealer cost on this bike. Husqvarna did not do their dealers any favors on this release, this bike does have negative margin. Quantity is extremely limited but the 2019s are scheduled for a fall 2018 release, no guarantees. Freight/setup/doc seems a bit high but that depends on where you are located. I’d probably take the deal. It’s an amazing bike!



    Thanks Phishbed … I’m guessing motorcycles are like cars now where the dealerships make most of their money on services, fees and accessories. No margins on bikes.


    The Dealer I got mine from did MSRP Plus Tax, Tags No Freight, prep, said he was loosing $ but I assume that they will make it up in service etc.


    Riderville Cycle in Berkeley Spring WV, people come from all over to buy here.



    I paid MSRP + tax tag etc.

    They’re not losing money, just typical sales people talk.

    I didn’t paid prep either.



    Thanks everyone … I’m working with an out of state dealer and their prices looks good (I guess) at $7,700 out the door. It’s a better price then my local dealership, time for a road trip!



    In Ohio, I ended up @ 7500 out the door for my Vitpilen 401.



    Hello Everyone,

    I’m looking at an out of state Svartpilen.  I was considering a 2018 Vitpilen at a dealer in Nevada who was asking $5,017 US (Wow!) but it was with in-house financing.  Definitely making their profit on the back end, which is fair.

    However, I actually wanted the Svartpilen and they only have 2019 models.  Standard pricing at $6,299.  I’m paying cash and I’m not paying any sales tax.  Dealer fees are $1,200 – which is ‘OK’… but they raised the MSRP price UP from $6,299 to $6,654 as I’m paying cash.  Huh???  Looks like I’ll be buying from another dealer in one state or another.

    What’s everyone else currently paying in “fees” on 2019 Vit/Svart models?

    Thanks, Jasper



    Jasper, depending on the state you live in pre-payment penalties on financing may be illegal. $1,200 in fees seems steep to me, but I’m in MT and I know the state charges a bit less than others. I was able to get mine for $6,299.00 out the door in September. That dealer has the 2018 Vitpilens (both 401 and 701) for MSRP with no fees, but that seems to be the exception and not the norm.

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