Is my 701 a Lemon???

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    4700km on the bike and this is the work so far:

    1. New Fuel Lever Sensor

    2. Loose brake caliper bolts causing vibrations.

    3. ABS failure

    4. Traction Control Failure

    5. HLC failure

    6. Faulty Dash

    7. Faulty ECU

    8. Clutch Slave Cylinder Failure.

    I don’t see anything in the regular service manual for these items in the first 5000km. Is it fair to say that Husqvarna’s opinion of a “premium motorcycle” is different from an average Joe? It’s really unfortunate, but I’ve reached a point where I’ve asked them to buy the bike back, they’ve refused and I’m taking them to small claims court in Canada.

    It’s just a shame that such a great bike on paper is so awful in person. I will post more updates as things unfold.


    Sorry for your bad experience.

    Maybe I’ve got luck (lets hope not) but no troubles here (Svart 401).

    It seems on this forum some people have got ALL the troubles with one bike and other persons none.

    I think my dealer would do his best to swap with a new one. It’s the goodwill of the dealer that is important in this matter.

    Good luck with the court, keep us in touch.


    ***Major Update***

    After a year of frustration, months of emails and phone calls, a little online ranting and some good old fashioned begging, Husqvarna Canada has agreed to refund me for this bike. The deal hasn’t been inked yet, but they’ve implied that the refund will be for the full replacement cost (including freight, PDI and tax). This thing has been a nightmare to own. I’m hopeful that the end is near.

    Once the deal is finalized (depending on if they make me sign an NDA or not) I will post the outcome.


    @DanimalHeath Aw shit man, sorry to see you go. That’s a crappy list of failures. I haven’t had more than a few gremlins, which for me seems pretty normal for a first year model of a bike (and I own a MV Agusta which sees the inside of a dealer A LOT).


    But glad it finally got resolved for you. What are you going to get next?


    Not that you asked, but I would look hard at a Street Triple R personally. The new ones are bitchin.


    @Qwandree After loosing a whole riding season to this bike, I’m feeling very reliability-risk adverse and therefore my sights are on the Japanese brands. I want to stay in the same displacement class which has sent me down the path of looking into the Yamaha XSR700, Honda CB650R or Suzuki SV650. I have a history riding a Honda CBR1000 and loved how it just ran and ran.

    They’re all similar, but different. I booked some test rides with a local dealership next week. I’m an engineer so I’ve obviously made a spreadsheet to compare all bike components. On paper the Husky should be the best bike, but price-wise the others are $4,000-$5,000 cheaper. You can do a lot of upgrades for that cash!!

    To be continued…..


    I hear ya. But def ride the street triple r also and compare to the others. You will like it. It’s going to be pricier than the Japanese bikes, more or less same as the 701. But the build quality and finish is on another level. And it fucking rips. Think is lighter too.


    For what it’s worth, I have a thruxton r and reliability has been great.


    It’s all done, Husqvarna bought this bike back. They paid me the full replacement value (MSRP, PDI, Freight, Fees and Taxes) for a total of $16,408 CAD

    I’m thankful that they did the right thing.

    Advice to anyone going through the same thing: start collecting email addresses and documenting conversations. If you speak to someone on the customer service line, send an email to the general customer service address and summarize the conversation.

    I’m sad to see the bike go. It was beautiful to look at and a blast to ride (when it worked).

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