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    Hey I got a new Oberon clutch slave cylinder and the Leo Vince LV-10 slip on and was wondering if anyone has install instructions or has links for both? Thanks


    I can offer perspectives on both, but will start with the Clutch Slave Cylinder.  A hydraulic clutch is almost exactly like a brake system, with the slave cylinder being analagous to the brake caliper.  To change this out, you’ll roughly follow these steps:

    1. Remove the front sprocket cover so you can fully access the slave cylinder

    2. Remove the cap to the clutch fluid reservoir on the handlebar

    3. Using a vacuum pump or some other similar method, hook up a tube to the bleed valve on the slave cylinder and drain as much fluid as possible.

    4. Loosen the banjo bolt on the fluid line at the slave cylinder.  Remove the line completely.

    5. Unbolt and remove the current slave cylinder.

    6. Bolt on the new slave cylinder.  Reconnect the line using the original banjo bolt.

    7. Refill the system with fluid and bleed the system.

    8. Make sure everything functions and shifts properly.  Reinstall the front sprocket cover.

    Be sure to keep rags handy when you’re draining and refilling fluid.  Clutch/Brake fluid is not friendly to paint and other surfaces.


    The only thing I would add to this excellent list is that it’s best practice to change the copper washers on the banjo bolt fixing, to avoid any risk of leaks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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