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    I bought my bike a few months ago and I’v driven it 6000km (3730 miles) so far.
    I’v really liked the bike so far, the only complaint has been the low handle bar position. Riding for 3 hours or more, my neck starts to ache so bad that I cannot turn my head anymore, so I’m considering having Svartpilen raised handlebars installed on the next service.

    Anyway I had the 1000km service at an authorized repairer, and the next one should be at 7500km I guess.
    Today I got a ‘Service Reset‘ text in the info screen.
    I could not find explanation for this in the owners manual, but I would assume that it means it is once again time for the next service, or could this be something else?
    To be honest I really haven’t been very kind to my bike so I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be time for heart transplant for the poor bike.

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    Just hit 1000km and got the service reset msg, though the bike was serviced at 830km by Husq (bought 2nd hand), how did you resolve this?


    It seems that the KTMs documentation for mechanices of how to reset the info screen is misleading, so the mechanics seem to get this wrong often.

    If the same mistake would have happened to your bike, it should show the service reset text at 6770km or at 5940km.
    I would assume that your bike has not been serviced or it has been serviced at someplace where they are not famimiar KTMs and Husgvarna bikes.

    If you want to reset it your self. You can fine some youtube videos about how to do that, try searching ”ktm duke 390 service reset”.😊


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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