Index hex screw problem

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    Hi guys i just wanted to change the tail tidy for my own since i watched this guy: i have too need screw out two hex bolt from the index cover but one is broken. i cant screw it out i tried with the screw extractor it didnt even move just a small chip came out of it. Someone please help me!



    I am currently in the middle of this exact same problem.  None of the 4 bolts came out easily for me.  Two of them came out with a struggle and two were totally stuck.  After trying a couple different stripped screw/bolt kits, I finally got one of them out, but it was ridiculous how hard it was to do so.  One bolt is still stuck in there and I’m weighing my options at this point.  Regardless, after trying to put in the new bolts that came with my tail tidy from MNNTHBX, it’s obvious the threads are destroyed in all of the holes.  I don’t know if the guy at the factory cross threaded them or what, but it’s a major headache.

    At this point, I’ll probably drill out the last bolt and then have a shop rethread all 4 holes…..not sure yet what I’m gonna do.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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