I’m 55 years old, this will be good for me

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    Hi, I’ve had several bikes, but about 3 years ago I sold my 1974 Honda CB 350F and since then I’ve been looking for something I like.
    When I saw the Vitpilen 401, I was in love, but there are a lot of criticisms about the comfort, which is a bike for young people and for short distances.
    Is anyone on the forum over 50? opinions?




    I’m not over 50, but the height of the seat is nearly identical to the height of the clip-ons.  It can be altered with an aftermarket or Svartpilen handlebar swap to put you in a more upright position.


    Hi @papi

    I am a “grandpa” older than you with my 66 years and I plan to return to the motorcycle within 15 months at the latest on a Vitpilen 701, after 40 years of stopping the motorcycle, with some special adjustments …
    In the first place :
    – An ABM fork crown, an ABM flat handlebar, to spare my back, which is no longer 20 years old!
    – A KTM 690 crash bar
    – A lowered and softened saddle
    – A pair of aftermarket metal footpegs
    – A new BAD WINNERS engine mapping
    – An ARROW PRO-RACE silent exhaust with decatalyst
    – Lots of other mods like MOTOGADGET parts …and more


    if you put on a svart handlebar, you wouldn’t be a vitpilen anymore. I like the cafe racer style.
    Now I would like to know if the discomfort is severe or acceptable for my age.


    I’m not your age, but maybe my experience helps you anyway.

    When I wanted to get a pilen, I testrode both back to back. After the testride I was certain to get a Svart because of the seating position. Long story short, dealer did not have a Svart, offered me a Vit with Svart handlebar conversion which was not on stock (still wating for over half a year), I ended up with riding a Vit with original handlebars.

    After riding it for 1700km, I don’t want to swap the handlebar anymore. I love the riding position and it is more comfortable than I thought even after a full day riding.

    If you can, rent one for a day or so..

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    Thank you Andy. I really believe it’s not as uncomfortable as they say on Youtube. In fact, I usually ride a mountain bike, which has the seat higher than the handlebars and I don’t feel any pressure on my wrists or back pain, very similar positions. I will be wrong


    Ignore the people who say the clipons are uncomfortable!   They are just soft! lol  They also don’t ride for long enough to get used to them and build up the right muscles.   You are the same age as me and we know that lots of bikes back in your day had clipons and people just rode them…. having said that…. clipons come into there own at speed on an open road.   If you are just pootiling around town then high bars are better.  On the open road at speed with high bar you become a windsock and then the high bars become uncomfortable.  So it depends on your riding.  I am in New Zealand in the countryside, so I get to ride at high speed out of the gate, so I am looking at fitting “proper” even LOWER adjustable clipons that attach to the fork so I can adjust them to suit the angle my wrists prefer.


    Hello Gavin, you are absolutely right about the comparative use between wrist straps on the motorcycle and classic handlebars in urban areas and on open roads in the countryside and that’s good for you if all goes well for you, for me my concern is not at the level of the bracelet wrists of the motorcycle, but at the level of my dorsal and cervical vertebrae which have become painful over the course of life.
    It is therefore for these reasons that I plan to install an ABM fork crown kit with a classic handlebar like on the SVARTPILEN 701.
    I also plan, if it turns out that my back is not too painful, to install a pair of RENTHAL bracelet wristbands, positioned under the fork crown, with a front half-fairing as you can see on the VITPILEN CONCEPT 701 AERO PAINTING present at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan in 2018.
    Now at my age, I would no longer ride a motorcycle in all weathers of the year but only when the weather is sunny and dry and hot like here in PROVENCE for 300 days a year in the South of France after the winter period. he winter which this year in this month of early April is experiencing a sharp return of General Winter.
    The motorcycle for the pleasure of driving on the winding roads of my region without the inconvenience of bad weather and its dangers, and the comfort of my car to go to the supermarket to buy food supplies.

    Bye and ride safe.


    Bonjour Gavin, vous avez tout à fait raison sur l’utilisation comparée entre des poignets bracelets sur la moto et un guidon classique en milieu urbain et sur routes ouvertes dans la campagne et c’est tant mieux pour vous si tout va bien pour vous, pour moi mon soucis ne se trouve pas au niveaux des poignets bracelets de la moto, mais bien aux niveaux de mes vertèbres dorsales et cervicales qui sont devenues douloureux au fils de la vie.
    C’est donc pour ces raisons que je prévois d’installer un kit de T de fourche ABM avec un guidon classique comme sur la SVARTPILEN 701.
    Je prévois aussi s’il se révèles que mon dos n’est pas trop douloureux, d’installer une paire de poignets bracelets RENTHAL, positionnées sous le T de fourche, avec un demi-carénage avant comme vous pouvez le voir sur la VITPILEN CONCEPT 701 AERO PAINTING présenter au Salon Moto EICMA de Milan en 2018.
    Maintenant à mon âge, je ne roulerais plus à moto par tous les temps de l’année mais seulement quant la météo sera bien ensoleillée et sec et chaud comme ici en PROVENCE durant 300 jours par an dans le Sud de la France après la période d’hiver, qui cette année, en ce mois de début d’Avril connaît un retour vif du Général Hiver.
    La moto pour le plaisir du pilotage sur les routes sinueuses de ma région sans les inconvénients des intempéries et leurs dangers, et le confort de ma voiture pour aller aux supermarché pour acheter des provisions alimentaires.

    Bien à vous et roulez en sécurité.


    Thanks Gavin for the reply.
    You really are right. I will use it outside the cities, daily commutes (15Km), during the summer and outings at the weekend, so I don’t think I will have much difficulty.
    I live in Portugal and with summer around the corner, I’m going to buy the Vitpilen 401.


    I am 49 and I found it to be fine with my past experiences riding- the only time it was not was when my wife was a passenger

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