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    I have an issue with my svartpilen 401 ignition . I had to disconnect my battery to fit a usb charger and when i reconnected it the ignition doesnt seem to work. Everything else works electrical so its not a fuse issue.

    Any ideas or help would be very welcome

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Craig-

    Did you install a USB charger different than what will just plug in to the terminal under the seat? Any pics?

    I would check your ground connection first. Even a slightly loose ground can play havoc with a starter…




    so I wired it directly to the terminals of the battery as the usb charger had a switch – sorry to be thick – what do you mean by grounds ?




    Double check that your connections at the battery are making full and good contact at the terminals (especially the negative terminal as this generally connects directly to the starter). If these are even slightly loose, or are not somehow making full contact, you can have issues with ignition, etc.

    You should also be sure your battery is at full charge, of course. That is a simple thing that is often overlooked.

    Also make sure that the seat isn’t somehow now interfering with the terminal connections with the additional wiring, as it is very tight under there, as I’m sure you know.

    If you can attach a pic of the set up, that’s always helpful.




    Having a similar issue here. Just replaced my factory turn indicators and Flasher Relay with aftermarket LEDs. All indicators are working properly, no hyper flash, everything looks good however the bike won’t kick over. The battery is fully charged, just getting the clicking sound but no ignition. Where is the Ground connection? What does that look like? I definitely think this is a grounding error after all the research I’ve done into why the bike isn’t starting, however, I’m extremely new to this. The Owner’s Manual doesn’t really specify the location or what the ground connection looks like…In the trouble shooting section it states to check the ground connection but that’s it







    Did you disconnect the battery (as is normal practice) while working on adding the new LED turn signals?

    Regardless, check the lead on the negative battery terminal under the seat. If it is at all loose, it could cause a no start issue. It is very tight in terms of spacing at that terminal, and I have heard of others having trouble with that connection due to pressure from the underside of the seat at the terminal. You need to be mindful of how the wires are routed in that area.

    I would also go back and retrace all of your other recent wiring work, looking for any loose connections or missteps, but start with the battery connections first.

    Keep us posted.

    Good luck,





    there is a minimum time before to operate after disconnect the battery

    if my memory is right at least 10min… also allot of bus issues come this way…

    general refurbish the plugs cause they affected by corrosive & most rusty condition / or by sparks…

    they need polfat !

    most baja parts at our bike rust as hell 🙁

    i nearly coated the bike twice to stop that behaving

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