Idle Surge on Cold / First Start

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    Hey guys,

    Got a new issue / concern to add to the list of 2019 – 2020 Svart/Vitpilen 401 ownership.


    My bike is a 2020 Svartpilen 401

    ~1600 miles since I got it last year

    I had the cut-off issue in the beginning, but it has since not been repeated. In total I think I had it cut off <10 times.

    My new concern is the bike surging at idle when I first start it in the morning.


    When I start it, it turns over fine and it settles into the idle rpm, but after about 2 seconds of idling, it will surge to about 4000rpms. It’s a smooth surge, it’s not sluggish and not sharp. Everything else sounds and feels fine, no smoke, no smell, no vibrations, just a surge and she’s ready to race.


    I’m not too concerned about it at the moment, and I plan on getting an obd reader once Coober has them back in stock.

    It’s had it’s first oil change at 600, and again at 1600 (oil level was at the min mark) and wanted to try LM full Synthetic. I haven’t check valve clearanceS yet and plan to do the next service in full at the intervals listed in the owners manual




    Unless things changed on the 2020 Indian built 401s, first valve check is listed for 620 miles (1000 km) for 2018-2019 401s.


    My 2019 401 surges like that on startup, especially on colder days. Doesn’t bother me, does no harm. I think it’s just a cold start enrichment curve thing. Either way I’m not worried about it.

    My local Husqvarna dealer CPS Motorcycles of Hinckley, said there was no longer a valve check requirement at 620 miles, and showed me an official Husqvarna document saying so. My bike has had no value check yet, has done over 2500 miles in over 2 years of riding and runs and sounds fine.


    My 2020 owner’s manual also shows the first valve check is now required at the second service interval, not the break-in service at 620mi/1000km.

    @Venessa, that’s what I was thinking as my best case scenario. I’ll see how it progresses as I approach the next service.

    Also if anyone has any recommendations for diagnostics software/tools to match some of the dealer equipment functionality I’d really appreciate it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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