I will shutdown my Vitpilen 701

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    Moin, moin! (==Hello!)

    Owning my Vit 701 since 2019 and having a lot of problems with it, I now will put my bike “into the atic”!
    I’m really pissed, to be honest!

    There have been to many issues with the bike.

    – a leaky tank
    – clutch slave cylinder down
    – ABS failure
    – Traction Control Failure
    – Comfort Issues (== LCD fails)
    – The most F*CKING issue: Side stand contact gone
    – and so on…
    – and so fort…


    What mainly pissed me off with KTM/Husquwarna was that I had to wait about half a year until they sent me a new side stand. – Sorry. But I have to say “F*CK you” if you care your customers this way!

    Without the magnet of the side stand being replaced the bike was down and was unable to ride!


    The Vitpilen 701 really would have been a nice bike if it would be operable.


    BUT: If the company who sells this bike leaves the customers having problems 5 month (+) without any solution when the bike is in warranty (the side stand was ordered in 08.2020 or 09.2020 and delivered in 02.2021): My conclusion is: F*CK YOU!!!

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    AvatarRobin Hood

    I have 2018 Vitpilen 701

    – I had the leaking tank repaired not evene under the 2 y warrenty – just let them repaire it

    – the side stand – I just cleand up the contact surfaces with the chasis ( where the sensor is) works well

    never had other issues

    hope you gain love to your bike again…..



    Whatever you buy early series will have more issues than late ones. Nowadays some little things get sorted out while the bike is already in production. The same for cars that’s why there are so many recalls.  On a bike produced in high numbers issues will be sorted out sooner or later. For our Pilens produced in low numbers and discontinued probably never…

    First thing I did to my SP I secured the little side stand magnet with a drop of Loctite. Second was an Oberon clutch slave cylinder. I didn’t wanted to risk having a brake down by a failing Magura cylinder. Third was that I replaced the weak battery by a lithium one. Tank was already replaced by the dealer before delivery.

    I hope this all will help that I’m more satisfied with my bike than you are 😉


    …hello Svartron; lithium battery is not better than a gel battery. Plenty of “memory” issues.

    The main thing is that with new bikes and cars the engines are reliable but the computer and gizmos do not (yet)

    These engines are the most powerful singles (in all the ranges) and are proved good enough.



    I gotta say, like Svartron, I’ve had good success when swapping the lead acid battery out for a Lithium battery. I would do it again on another bike without any worries.


    …a gel battery is not the “traditional” acid battery.


    It is still based on the same chemistry though. Just that the electrolyte is held in gel ‘pads’ rather than just liquid acid. Yes, gel is better than basic lead acid, but I have found that lithium is more of an improvement again, over both traditional lead acid and gel types. I have run a lithium battery in my Svartpilen 401 for 18 months now, over 2 winters, with no issues.


    Every quality battery in top condition will do the job. My Yuasa gel battery was not in top condition when I got my bike. The main improvement of the lithium battery is that the original tools now fit very well under the seat. To keep the electric gremlins away, consistent high voltage will not do any harm. If you live in the Antarctic a lithium battery shouldn’t be your first choice 🙂

    And I have to disagree: Lithium batteries have no memory effect!



    …may be the new generation of lithium batteries are better?

    Plenty of problems in the past hence people preferred the gel batteries.

    Anyway; many electronic problems associated with the first batch of these Husqvarnas, were due to the heat of the exhaust pipe so they changed, as you know, the route. Looks not so good but better to have the computer workng properly.


    Anyway; many electronic problems associated with the first batch of these Husqvarnas, were due to the heat of the exhaust pipe

    I didn’t know that. Wouldn’t it make sense to put on a heat wrap?

    Are you talking about the 701 or the 401?


    @reverb : NiCd and NiMH batteries of previous days had a memory effect, LiFePo4 don’t.

    Ni = nickel

    Li = lithium

    I never heard of any electronic problems caused by the exhaust pipe heat on Pilens. Could you please provide more detailed information on this?

    Max KoolMax Kool

    @konrad2208 is probably talking about the 401, which on the pre 2020 models had the exhaust running next to the cylinder.


    …Husqvarna provided that information. Yes; 401. A good thing is that the R&D of Husqvarna are trying to make the things the best as possible; not just throwing away a product and just that.

    They heard all the problems and tried to solve em.

    -Hi Svartron; I see. Thanks

    Checking the battery that is on the bike (401) now I am not sure what battery is…

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    I’m not too high on Husky, personally. They have allowed the clutch slave cylinder to remain, just swapping out a new cylinder when the old one goes south.

    This has been going on for years and they have refused to solve the issue, just replacing the failed part with a new one of the same, to likely the same fate down the road.

    This is not an attribute of a company that wants to take care of their problems.


    …I understand your point; I was referring to the R&D department not the way Husqvarna or the dealers do the warranty etc.

    However; seems happened in each brand. Today a buddy told me about a guy here who bought a new silverado truck and that is way expensive here (100000 Dollars or more) diesel is not good anymore around here and just seemed to killed the engine; some problem with the filters etc and seized it; the warranty did nothing; the dealer did nothing…

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