Husqvarna 5 litre Rear bag with carriers, first impressions and lots of pictures

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    I have just received  a Husqvarna 5 litre Rear bag with carriers for my Vitpilen 701 and would like to share my first impressions!

    Part numbers for Vitpilen 701

    • 21012027000 Kit with Bag and Carriers for Vitpilen 701
    • 28512978000 The Bag(Same as for 401)
    • 21012978030 The carriers for Vitpilen 701

    Part numbers for Vitpilen 401

    • 28512027000 Kit with Bag and Carriers for Vitpilen 401
    • 28512978000 The Bag(Same as for 701)
    • 28512978044 The carriers for Vitpilen 401(not shown below)


    First off, there seems to have been some mix-up regarding pictures och 401 and 701-carriers and kits on a lot of sites.  The carriers you see below was included when I ordered 21012027000 and they seem to fit fine on my 701.


    Included with the carriers are four Allen bolts(M8x25) with ordinary flat washers

    The holes for strapping  the bag on the carriers are about 40×11 mm


    571 grams, If you already haven’t installed a smaller front sprocket perhaps this will make you do it!


    The bag(28512978000)

    The underside, notice the zipper on the side of the ”pad”

    Here the zippers on the pad has been opened and the adjustable straps for attaching the bag to the carriers are shown

    This zipper belongs to a pocket on the inside with the dimensions 170×200 mm

    A knit sweater, a pair of autumn/winter gloves and a pair dirty sneakers in a plastic bag. Is this the equivalent of 5 liters?

    Yup, exactly five liters if the stated volume of the bag is to be believed!

    Notice the carrying handle on top of the bag.

    The dimensions of the filled bag are: Length 300mm, width 250mm and height 180mm

    An included shoulder strap

    Here the shoulder strap has been attached to the bag. The strap feels quite flimsy and cheap so perhaps I will try to find another one if I decide to use it

    Installation instructions

    Cleaning instructions

    The plastic covers for the mounting holes where incredibly hard to remove. And there must have been something wrong with the threads in my subframe because  I had to re-thread them by using a tap before I could install the bolts.

    A good tip is to wash your bike before you put it in winter storage. Unless you enjoy embarrassing yourself showing pictures online when you install stuff.

    The definitely doesn’t make your bike look cooler but perhaps the practicality outweighs that aspect

    The straps loops thru the holes in the carrier and attaches to the bag. This is a bit fiddly and but I guess you get the hang of it after a while.

    And finally this is how it looks when installed!


    Thank you for the comprehensive install and product experience. Definitely something to think about in the future!


    I fitted this bag to my Svartpilen 401, I didn’t get on with it. It’s fiddly to attach and remove, and no matter how tight I did the straps up, the bag would work it’s way backwards as I rode (and I don’t ride fast). After a short ride it moves backwards enough to start to obscure the rear light.

    I ended up selling it, and getting a backpack.


    I just love that picture of the rear end. Right after the pictures of the instructions. Such a lovely bike we have.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello Torsten,</p>
    thanks for the outstanding review from you!

    Do you think it would be possible to get a notebook (Length 386 mm, width 264 mm and height 26 mm | maybe plus a neoprene case) inside this bag?

    Kind regards,


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    No actually I think it would be a bit too tight. I’ve just tried my laptop that is 310x220x22 and it fits but I don’t think that it can be much longer. Also is I suspect that the width could also be a problem since the width of the bags  “base” is about 190mm.


    Perhaps it’s time for an update to this review!

    The straps are fiddly and frustrating but I haven’t´experienced them getting loose or the bag moving backwards as Vanessa describes. However I always make sure that the remaining length of the straps(after tightening) is secured and not swirl in the wind drag.

    I´m considering to sew on some velcro on the straps instead of using the hooks but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    5 litres seems to be a bit too small for my needs and the opening on the short end of the bag isn’t optimal when you are trying to remove one item from it without having to remove it from the bike and emptying the whole bag.

    I am however using the bag quite often and I definitely prefer using it over a backpack. On some occasions I have used it in combination with a backpack and it has worked fine too.





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