Husqvarna 401 svartpilen damage

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    Good day, I want to inform you of my case, since it has suffered very serious damage, among these currently the motorcycle is 8000 km long and the motor is completely damaged and the representative of the brand in Colombia does not respond as it should be in this community You know how I can communicate with Husqvarna directly to publicize my case, it is worth emphasizing that this is only one of the many damages that the motorcycle has presented

    Max Kool

    What damage?


    the cylinder head was damaged piston also cylinder and rings, for this reason the motorcycle loses strength and fly too much smoke, the question is why this happens if the motorcycle only has 8000 km among other damages that have been happening to it like overheating and leaks of oil


    What about the 2 year unlimited mile warranty?


    They do not want to return the money or give me a new motorcycle and I am going for a year of warranty in warranty

    Alx Blanco

    Que mas!

    I found this address in Husqvarna home page, just click in CONTACT , obviously they will send you to the local dealer (Colombia you said)  is woth to try to contact them.

    BTW is there any “consumer protection agency” or something like that,where you can legally start a suit

    HUSQVARNA Motorcycles GmbH
    Stallhofnerstraße 3
    5230 Mattighofen

    If you have a request on spareparts or motorcycles (pricelists, general information, availability, …) please contact your distributor/dealer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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