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    @pioneer701: bizar!!!

    The exhaust differences are huge. Fully understandable you’ve returned the exhaust. That is maybe a 10cm difference. Your pictures are quite clear on this issue.

    Really helps me making my decision. Three contenders left: arrow pro race, leovince lv10 and the Remus.

    Anybody here,…..any news on the Remus exhaust.



    Yes, I keep bugging Remus about it every few weeks. They still don’t let out any details about the exhaust, but last week they confirmed that they will introduce it at EICMA in November.

    For me the shortlist is Remus or Arrow now. The Leovince is not an option, as it’s not road legal.


    How dissappointing..  I almost made the purchase. Glad i didn’t.

    Anyway, thanks for the review. Guess it’s back to square one.


    @701pioneer Thanks for the update! I just cancelled my order after seeing your post. It sounds great, but definitely doesn’t look the same as the photo. It’s a shame Hurric didn’t update their photos.

    I’m wondering if modifying the Pro2 would be worth it (i.e. shorten the length, reposition the bracket, etc)


    Hi Guys


    Many thanks for this review. I think I could live with the length.


    However, I cannot even fit it  :-/  Do I see it correctly that it’s not possible with the M8 screw from the original exhaust holder? The is no screw but… What serves as nut with the original clamp is welded to the clamp, right?

    How did you solve this?





    Mine came with a nut and washer. Can’t remember if a bolt was included too.

    If you are missing these, I would just get an m8 nut and washer and use the original bolt.


    Will do. Still waiting for it though…

    I plan to make a comparison with the same camera/microphone so you guys can get an idea.

    Also, I want to find a way to judge differences in power as unbiased as possible. My idea is to run the same straight multiple times in a high gear, always open the throttle at the same point and the same spot and check at which point I run into the limiter. If anyone has alternative ways other than “just feeling it with my butt”, let me know. Can’t do that, as louder bikes always tend to feel quicker.


    No other ways have been invented yet. Can you share what you ended up with? Were you able to test your experiment?

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