How to remove chain tensioner from rear axel

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    I am about to change the chain tensioners to black ones from Evotech but the one on the chain side seems to be hard to remove from rear axel. Any good ideas. On picture, red circles what needs to be removed to be replaced by green circle. I have tried to mount it in a “bench” but used cloth around not to make marks in the rar axel…butr with no luck.


    On the oem parts list the axle and adjuster block are shown as a single piece, which doesn’t help a lot. I suspect the adjuster is a shrink fit onto the axle, so removal will likely require heating it and forcing it off with a press. The block is aluminum and the axle steel, so the adjuster will grow faster when heated- it may come off with reasonable ease once heated up to 200F or thereabouts. I would use a heat gun if you are so equipped in order to prevent overheating.

    The new part can be baked in an oven to 200F  and the axle chilled in a freezer for reassembly.

    Good luck! Please report back how it goes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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