How to deal with daily use under the rain

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    Hey everyone,

    I own a 2019 Vitpilen since one year. It’s my first bike ever and I LOVE it. I don’t think I need to explain why since I guess most of you know exactly what I mean. I’m french so sorry if my english isn’t perfect.

    For the first few months I used to only take it out the garage to ride on my days off, when the weather was great. As a beginner I didn’t really know how to take care of a motorcycle so I stuck to lubricating the chain and checking the tension. Byke is only 5000 kms so no worries yet.

    MY ISSUE: I had to move out to another city a month ago because of work. Unfortunately I don’t have a garage here. I bought a great cover/protection but is that enough? It’s really rainy out here, like 4-5 days a week.

    Also, I now have to ride it everyday to go to work. Sadly I can’t park it inside at work either.

    TO SUMM UP: I’m wondering if this whole situation and use on a daily under rain is really bad for such a “naked” bike? (with a lot of wires and parts exposed)

    If so, what are my options?

    Thank you for your time. Would love to get some help here.


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    Nope . You’ll be fine. You might have to lube chain more often. And rinse off road grime. But if won’t affect bike much. However don’t store a wet bike under a cover for long periods. If you ride it often not a problem. But some covers can trap moisture and accelerate rust. ( Mostly on uncoated surfaces like rotors and bolts).


    I often have to keep my bike outside under a cover. And Satur9 is correct, use a cover that allows air to circulate to avoid the bike getting damp under the cover. I treat my cover with waterproofing spray (like you can get for tents and suchlike) once a year too. Plus every third wash of the bike I treat all areas that might corrode with ACF50 corrosion protection, usually with a small brush rather than a spray. My bike is a 2019 model and has no corrosion on it so far… Just don’t get any on the brake discs or tyres or footpegs or handles as it’s slippy stuff.


    Thank you for the answers!

    What corroding areas are you refering to? As my bike is still pretty new (only 5000 kms) I don’t think I noticed any corrosion yet. The only problem I have for now is rust on the brake discs


    I treat the following areas:

    All fixings, screws, bolts, nuts, metal ends of brake pipes, hinges, clutch cable, steel brackets, axle spacers, chain adjusters, any exposed unpainted aluminium, kickstand, frame welds especially on the underside of the bike, lever pivots, peg pivots, rear shock adjuster, etc…

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