How late is too late for the First Service?


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    I took my Svartpilen 701 for it’s first service today – got the Clutch Slave done under recall – new clutch is much lighter than the old, like , a lot lighter, so light you would think it’s broke!

    But…my bike had 940 miles when I took it in – I know, it should have been in at 620 miles but the dealer is 50 miles away – they are only open Monday to Friday and the service centre is 0830 to 5pm so it means taking a half day off work to go so (I’m making excuses, I know!) thanks to a hefty dose of procrastination I just kept putting it off!

    It’s done now, and my dealer Philip, rightly so, did tell me off for leaving it so long and also pointed out that if the bike went wrong now Husqvarna would likely wipe their hands and say “Sorry, you didn’t stick to your service interval”

    Has anyone on here also gone drastically past the first interval and still had the warranty honoured?


    Mine couldn’t get me in for months. I compromised with dealer by doing the most important part …oil change( with official kit ordered from aomc.) Myself it had about 900 miles also when I finally got it in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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