High pitched electrical sound when engaging front brake

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    Does anyone experience a high pitched electrical sound when engaging the front brake?  Could this have to do with ABS sensor?  It makes this sound whether brake pressure on lever is ever so slight or hard braking and everything in-between. Only does so on front. It is not rotor squeal. Thoughts appreciated.


    mine does it too. think it has to do with the cut out of the rotor. I’ve had mountain bikes do similar things and really think it’s nothing.


    Mine does it to, seems perfectly normal (does not bother me).

    My guess: it’s something to do with the ABS system.





    Thanks for your input. I debated taking it in to service but closest dealer is 75 miles away. I will wait until the 600 mile service and have them take a look as well. If they provide any feedback in addition to yours, I will post accordingly.


    I’ve ridden several bikes with the same Bosch 9M+ ABS system and they all made the same noise. Perfectly normal to me.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hey, I just noticed the same thing on my Svartpilen after almost 800 miles. I can’t tell if the noise was there from the beginning. I would think that I would have noticed before… but may be I didn’t. Did anybody get any feedback from the dealership or Husqvarna regarding this?</p>
    I also have a rattling noise when I roll off the throttle. It sounds like it is the chain… but if I would have to locate from where the noise is coming I would say from the left side of the front wheel. Anybody with the same observation?



    Mine makes a sound like a Cricket when I activate front brake, light or strong, but only at speed over ca. 20 mph. Could that sound be the “high pitched electrical sound” several have mentionned? This sound was there since the beginning (I only made 500 miles with my 401). Thanks for clarifying that.


    My front brake made a silly noise when it was new which seems to have gone away after 3000 to 4000km.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Odds are this pitched sound is just the pads hissing on the rotor. I see this after switching to HH pads on many of my bikes.

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