Hello .. my new vit 701 from Argentina

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    solaponhi .. this is my new Okm vit 701 ..

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    Bog stock.  How long will that last?  I’ve kept all original components for mine, key to resale value.  They are so easy to play with and modify, I couldn’t help myself.

    Great bike.  I don’t regret buying mine for a second.  Not a sensible bike by any means.  But awesome fun.  And, given that you can’t go faster than you can stop, the torque per kg makes it a match for bikes that cost way more.  Just practice with that Easy Shift, get a feel for it, it doesn’t reward lazy shifting, that’s not what its for.

    Most popular and cost effective mod it to change the final drive to lower it.  I went up a couple of teeth on the back sprocket.  Some owners go further.  Its not going to set a land speed record anyway. However, they do bolt superbly.

    I hope I get to visit Argentina one day, by the way, the countryside looks amazing and I love a good steak.  Stupid virus makes it hard to get back into Aus if I do at the moment.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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