Hello guys! First post, greetings from Italy

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    Hello, this is my ride completely stock but not for long.


    First mods.
    Akra, decat Leovince, Sprintfilter, air filter lid removal, Power Commander V






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    Now the interesting part:

    Green: All the mods no map
    Red: Mapped with PCV revlimiter +500rpm

    The greatest gain was given by the removal of the air filter cover, the big difference from 3500 to 6500 rpm.
    The cat removal gain, said by the Dynojet technician, was almost nothing and for the Akra too.
    So a better sound and less weight only.

    Without Power Commander the bike runs lean but will not cause damage.  Pirate racing video was right.
    So the most effective mod cost nothing but if you care about the bike with the PCV you have +3hp and  the right air/fuel ratio.

    The PCV was from an Husqvarna 701SM but it was necessary to invert the wires of the injector connectors.
    So be careful.

    The modification was from a Dynojet reserch center so I think the right PCV for the Vitpilen will be ready soon.
    Now the only problem that it’s raining… I made few kilometers yesterday and the bike is very punching in the mid revs and it runs very smooth. Will see with more kilometers.

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    hey! That’s awesome. I asked dynojet USA about a PCV for the vitpilen and they had no idea what I was talking about. Can you describe the modification that you made for the injectors? I am very excited to start messing around with the maps.


    Hi, the Dynojet technician did the job.
    He told me the  injector connectors cables are inverted compared to those of the Husqvarna 701SM.
    So I think you should switch the wires in both connectors but I don’t know if he switched the cables on the bike or on the PC V.

    Better be safe and  rely on a good dynojet technician.

    AvatarWeißer Pfeil

    Alright, Ill ask the closest dynojet guy. Like I said though the one from dynojet USA that I called should have been able to tell me that.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Ciao ! Anch’io da Italia se ti interessa gruppo whatsapp e pagina privata su fb di soli Pilen 701 fammi sapere! Un saluto da Moreno</p>

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Great post! Thanks

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