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    Got mine shipped from LA last month. I live near SFO but none of the dealers near me had it. More over the dealer in LA was selling for $3999 , a huge price drop. It costed me around $6000 out of the door including $600 closed next day shipping from LA. I bought the bike without even physically looking at it. I absolutely love it. It is a bit tall for me as I am only 5″8′ but nothing that i can manage.

    No Mods yet. I am currently working on a blinker chime. A very simple design. Will post the video soon. I don’t like the sound of the chime i have now, it does not sound sweet. It sounds like a fire alarm lol.


    These are the parts.


    One Male and One Female connector


    This is how it looks once complete. It goes between the existing connectors. No cutting or modifying existing stock connectors.

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