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    Hi everyone, I have been riding a HD 2009 dyna for the past ten years and recently moved to the Bay Area. I am thinking of getting the 401 as a commuter bike to help me split lanes and etc. My Harley does fine but sometimes it is to heavy to move around. I am 6’4 and weight about 200 lbs.


    i have been reading about the bike for the past couple of weeks and I would like to go and test ride one here in the area. I hope I can find a dealer that would let me do that. My main concern is the power as I want to make sure that I am able to accelerate well when needed.

    anything super important I should know? I read about maintenance and etc. If I do get the bike I would plan to get a louder exhaust.

    looking forward to hearing your comments and potentially being part of this community b


    Power will be fine but you’re going to look like a circus bear on a mini bike (if that matters). 701 might be a better choice as I believe it’s only about 25 lbs heavier.

    AvatarUFO 401

    yup, I’m 5′-7″ and the 401 is perfect for me.


    I ride a 401 in the Bay Area (mostly in SF), 5’7” 150lb and it’s ideal. City-limits acceleration is likely to be no problem; even with 50lbs more I would assume you’re still gonna get up to 35/40mph in about 4 or 5 seconds and that’s going to put you ahead of all the traffic at light (including the idiots on Scoots who don’t seem to have bothered learning anything about staying safe on two wheels).

    But even at my small stature I would say it’s a bit lacking for interstate travel more than hopping on and off to cross a bridge or to pop over to the Octavia ramp of the Central from 80 in SOMA, for example. 70mph for me means about 5500-6000rpm in 6th, which is right in the power band but not exactly fun on a thumper—as nicely balanced as the KTM engines are, you’re still gonna get considerable buzzing in the bars and numb hands after even just a short ride (see: SF to Berkeley). The 401 is pretty much strictly a city bike, in my opinion, but for that it’s terrific—terrific fuel economy, very easy to point through traffic, and it lane splits beautifully (even with the slightly wide bars).


    This bike has plenty of power and pep for city commuting, but it’s too light for interstate cruising (and it’s not designed/intended for that anyway). I’m 6′ 1″  180lbs and would honestly say that I am the height limit for this bike. I often wish it was 5% bigger overall….I use it up in the mountains of NY state as a fun utility and errands bike, and it’s absolutely fantastic for that (I hit both dirt and pavement on my rides), but it is just a tad compact for me at my height and weight, not in power, but in size. BUT, it is super light and maneuverable, and would make a great city bike. Ride one if you can, and see if you fit…




    I commute with my vit 401 and i can say that i cruise comfortably on the US 101 (PCH) at about 80 at 6th gear and that is at 6k-7k RPM if it is a long commute the svart upright position would be ideal or doing the bar conversion on the Vit. Honestly this is a great all around bike nothing better than turning ABS off and doing “hoodrat Shit” with you friends and after cruising to work on the highway i am 210lb 5″10 so i am very comfortable on this thing lol



    I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 190 with all my gear (work clothes, gear, and lunch all together add about 25 lbs all up). I am on the balls of my feet at stoplights but find the bike comfortable to ride.

    I’d give it a test ride but to be honest I suspect 6’4″ is not going to fold up well on the bike. Still, worth a shot – just because it’s a 400 doesn’t mean it’s small.  Yamaha’s 2020 MT-03 is actually slightly larger than the MT-07 in two axes. Nothing significant but I’d have expected it to be smaller if anything.  So, you might fit this bike.

    I commute about a half hour with my Svart 401.  I’ve got a mix of service streets (4-lane with stoplights), highway, and freeway. I split on most of the freeway portion, but near work in the morning there’s one spot where it opens up. I generally get it up to 75, with maybe a few spurts at 80-83 for passing.

    I can leave most drivers behind when filtering at stoplights. Occasionally someone with a sportier car will keep up and / or pass me, but I have at least one lane clear by then anyway.  Lane changes on the freeway are about the same, although you’ll need more room to get ahead of people than you do on your HD.

    Power will be an issue until you pass the break in period. Powerband starts around 6000 and break-in red light is 7500, which doesn’t give you much to play with. Once you’re past that it’s decent. If possible, try one that’s past that period.  I came from a VTR1000 and it has taken some getting used to, although I’m mostly there. I’m starting to appreciate the “riding a slow bike fast is better than riding a fast bike slow” thing.

    Good luck.

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    @Garco23 how is the engine vibration. I bought mine in november last year but only started riding this year. I cannot ride more than 1 hr at a stretch. I get lot of engine vibration and my feet and hands become numb. I have only driven less than 100 miles on it. Any pointer will help thanks.


    @bangar401 are you referring to my Harley? I haven’t bought the 401 yet.

    harleys stop vibrating once you hit the throttle but start vibrating again when you reach 90 mph 🙂

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