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    Hi everyone

    Would a Smartpilen / Vitpilen owner be kind enough to let me know the diameter of the headlight? From the pictures, it is hard to tell if it is a 5 3/4 or a 7″ headlight (or if it is a “non-standard” size), and unfortunately I couldn’t find this information anywhere on the internet, so I came to the conclusion that I should ask a proud owner. It looks like a 7″ but this bikes are not very big so it might be a proportion illusion.

    If you wonder why I’m asking this question, I absolutely love this headlight and would like to install it on my current custom build. But I need to know the dimension to sort out if it would fit my project or not.

    BTW, I test-rode the Svartpilen 401 a few months ago during a motorcycle show and I was blown away by the power that this thing pack in such a small format. Design wise, I find both the Svart and Vitpilen absolutely gorgeous, IMO the best motorcycle design of the last 4-5 years.

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