Headlight “cowl” removal

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    Hey all. I just put a deposit on a 2020 Svart 701. I’m not sure if I should be asking on this forum or the Vitpilen 701 forum, but for some reason there’s no Svartpilen 701 forum..?


    Anyway, the new Blackie 701 has this sort of big plasticky cowl around the headlight, and I’d like to remove it. The headlight inside seems to be the same as the other, and the older models, but the problem seems to be that the front signals are attached directly to it. Has anyone tried removing this? I’m wondering if it would be easier to purchase the more minimalistic thingie that the Vitpilens have to attach their front LEDs to, or just get some clamps to put them on the forks?



    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    Not possible to use the Vit parts – they have a different triple clamp and the headlight holder on the Vit bolts directly to the different holes on the triple clamp. Also, the rear of the cowl inserts into the triple clamp as well, in holes that are not in the Svart triple clamp.

    I just determined this last weekend, as I purchased all the parts to make the conversion then, while trying to install, determined the issue.

    It can’t be done even if you swap out the triple clamps, as the ignition body is in a different place and interferes. On the Vit, it’s within the triple clamp. On the Svart, it’s at the top (forward) of the triple clamp area and intereferes with the plastic.

    Not possible without extreme mods. Too much for me and I bailed the project and buttoned up the old unit.

    Good luck.




    I got some fork-mounted LED strips. I wonder if I’ll be able to just remove the cowl…

    I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

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