Has anyone purchased anything from the Shop on here?

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    There are a few OEM accessories I want to purchase and the shop section on here has most of them. I don’t see many other places to purchase OEM Husqvarna accessory parts online, however I am always skeptical of online retailers I have not used, and with no “about us” section on this site, I don’t know who I am buying from. Please share your experiences if you have purchase parts from here.


    Yes, I purchased my Oil Filter kit, shipped same day and received less than 2 days later. It shipped from AOMC. Top notch.



    who is this site run by?


    Site is run by the owner of AOMC.com. He owns a svart 401. I have chatted with him back when there was like 10 people on this forum, and he seems like a good dude.


    I have ordered husky parts from the shop directly for my 701. Mirrors, the style seat, a bunch of bolts, ignition cover. Was all smooth, except for the seat was out of stock at Husky for a while.


    If you go to the aomc.com site and order from them it’s the same as ordering from the shop on this forum.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Cool, thanks for the responses. I feel better knowing this is backed by AOMC, but if I wanted to be real cheap I could see which site had the cheaper option as prices vary by a few bucks either way.</p>


    This seems to me to be the same as every Husqvarna shop – it has the same look and feel as every other dealer’s shop I;ve seen, and is basically the same as the Husqvarna site – but then with prices! It also seems that prices are the same everywhere, except for local sales taxes and currency fluctuations. I have bought various things from a German site (because I live in the Netherlands) and because they offer a good price on P&P (ridiculously, it is more expensive to post stuff within the Netherlands than it is to post stuff to the Netherlands from Germany).


    Still waiting on a shipment confirmation from my order placed on 7/19.


    I ordered the body panels last week and it was shipped the same flippin’ day with excellent email communication and tracking.


    Same order experience for me. 5/5 had it in my hands 3 days after ordering.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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