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    Derek C.

    Hey everyone!

    Just bought my 2020 Svartpilen 401 and I’ve been having a blast on it!

    I’ve finally got my bar end mirrors in from Husky and was pretty jazzed about putting them on. Not a fan of the stock mirrors. Well it says to remove the handlebar weights and I’ve been attempting this and they WILL NOT come out. Throttle side spins but will not come out. Watched a couple YouTube videos of Svart owners removing them with ease. Just slides out. Of course they were on the 2019s.

    My question, is there a different design on the bars compared to previous model years? Nothing is mentioned in the manual. I’ll probably end up going to my dealer tomorrow or giving them a call. Pretty frustrating as I was excited to put the mirrors on…

    Thanks everyone!

    Derek C.

    Update. Got them mounted. Turns out the ends just need removed not the insides of the bars. Instructions weren’t all that clear 🙄 oh well just the spacers and bolt straight on and good to go!


    Good to know!  The 2020 bars certainly seem to have a different set up than the prior years.  When I took the end bar weights off mine, there is a threaded insert that seems to be epoxied in place.  Finding a set of bar mirrors that can be threaded into that would seem to be the best approach.  Pictures of yours mounted?  I’m trying to decide between some folding CRG mirrors with bar ends designed for them, or just going with the Husqvarna mirrors.  Here’s a picture of the throttle side bar with the threaded insert on the 2020 Svart 401:
    2020 Svart 401 handlebar threaded insert

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