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    I want to change the grips on my svartpilen, the rubber is too thin, it’s not confortable and too much vibration goes through.

    I never replaced the grip on a motorcycle and when I did it on my scooter, the right grip had a slot for the throttle cable.

    Is there something to take into account appart from the handlebar diameter?

    and what is the handlebar diameter of the svartpilen?


    Still haven’t figured out a good solution to this yet.  I assumed this would have been the first thing changed for a lot of people considering how bad the grips are.


    I changed them.

    you have cut the original ones to remove them, and then on the right side, you have to grind down the extra plastic on the throttle handle.

    I replaced them with Renthal Dual Grip Kevlar Ø ext 29 mm


    I replaced mine with Oxford heated grips, and as Midnaite said, you have to modify the right throttle handle in order to make almost any aftermarket grips fit.


    My dealer fitted some KTM (Daytona) heated grips to my 401. They had to sand down the plastic ridges on the throttle tube to fit them. They work really well and look good too.


    I put on some better mirrors and some heavier bar end weights.

    Both made a noticable difference on their own, and together there is a big difference with respect to vibration.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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