Handle bar special screw removal and throttle removal

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    I am replacing my stock bars with a set of Adjustable Cocks Clamp on bars The 51 mm works great If you ever want to know what fits our inverted fork tubes.

    Anyway, I have 2 questions and hoping one of you has run into this:


    1) What type of “special screw” is husky using on the fixed slide in handle bars to keep them from turning. I am not referring to the torx head at the end into the triple tree upper. I am referring to the small screw on the bottom that hold the handle bar from spinning? My IPhone flash light is failing me here  Is in a torx or hex as none of the sizes I have in my sets fit and I can not pull the 12 inch long bars out


    2) How the hell do you removal the throttle assembly?  The 2 screws on the bottom do not allow the assembly to separate  there is some type of Swedish plastic connector on the assembly by the start switch which I assumes slides some how or lifts up  Anyone take this apart yet as I don’t want to break the assembly and I need that off in order to install the new cocks stunt adjustable clamp on bars

    i would appreciate any help on these 2 items so I can finish the install  removing the tree and the rest took me 6 minutes then I hit this 2 items and said I better ask here first  I may go to the dealer but huskys are really not understand there

    Graphics kit is next!






    I’m gonna follow that thread. I think you’re the first to tackle the semi-clip-ons replacement.

    Are you doing this purely for the looks or are you changing the overall width?

    I’m considering changing the handle bars for something more narrow ( essentially for filtering ) and replacing the switches by some motogadget’s units.


    Has anyone changed the clip on handle bars to the ABM riser and more upright bar? If so how does it feel and from the photos i have seen the bike has not lost its great looks




    @duvidl Not that I know of. It’s been done on a 701 but I don’t recall seeing a 401 with that mod.

    It looks great but it changes the overall vibe of the bike.

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    Thanks Kungfupoulet.

    I appreciate it will change the look but i love the bike, its just the riding position is just not for me. The risers form ABM look really well machined and yes the bars will change the look but given the Svartpilen 701 is coming later this year with the same style bars, i am thinking that the vitpilen which i prefer the look of will be the perfect bike with raised bars


    @duvidl I’ve test-ridden a 701 with the abm kit. Seating position is more upright (but you still lean forward) and it gives you more leverage over the front axle. The handle bar is almost flat (unlike the svart ).
    Given that the Vit 401 has a more agressive seating position than the 701 from the get go, I’d say it sits between the vit 401 and the svart 401 comfort wise.


    Thanks for the interest. To answer your questions, I elected to switching out the bars for more comfort and better riding position. I still wanted to keep the cafe look and the overpriced ABM conversion kit really takes away the cafe racer look. The clamp on bars  I acquired are from Cocks and made in the USA. It takes about 6 weeks to get a set and I ordered mine set from Tachical Mindz which is a stunt bike accessory shop. These are by far one of the strongest clamp ons you can buy and the price out around 200 dollars delivered. The come in 8 pieces hence the 51 mm clamps side on the tubes, there is a 6 inch post the slides into the tube clamps and that is capped off with another top connector that connects the vertical post to the handle bar. Hence you can adjust these bars up or down, in or out, match the factory bar feel etc or any of hundreds of combinations.

    However I need to see a repair manual or CD rom to see how the handle bars slide out of the stock tree given the wired screw and still see how the stock throttle assembly comes apart  I suspect it is anchored to the stock bar some how sinc it will move off the stock husky handle bar and uses a glass of some type

    Ig any can look at their service manual or CD report manual to s e if a special tool is needed and send a pic or instructions, it would be appreciated

    I reinstalled led the factory bars til I can get a manual or speak with a technician that knows this bike then I can switch out the bars.





    See if this helps or any other exploded parts diagrams.



    Update on bar replacement


    This throttle assembly does pull apart simply as the clip was just @ cover. Need t9 wiggle the 2 half’s. The reason I was having issues with the special set screw in the handle bar slide in was because husky never installed them on my bike. So check yours. The bars are coned shaped and when tighten by the primary screw will not move regardless.


    However, The cocks clamp ones will not work as the top piece of their design hits the brake  reservoir unless you shave that part down which I did not desire to do. Never the less, I sold the bars on CL in 15 minutes for what I paid for them


    I may try the 3 inch wood craft clamp on.  They should work if he vertical riser clears the old slide in hole. Those are 180 dollars




    I suspect the the only real professional fix to the too low and forward handlebar issue on the bike  lies with ABM and their way expensive 600 dollar kit


    I will keep you all informed


    Tattoo Richie




    I’m following this thread as well…particularly for narrowing the width as @kungfupoulet suggested.

    Keep us posted on your findings.


    Following this thread too . Thank you very much for posting all these great information. I just bought a vitpilen 401, and the stock clip-ons do not work for me. I looked at the ABM bars but the time it takes to get them I’m way too impatient. I went on to KTM parts.com and bought the vitpilen triple clamp and hardware, for 30% of the cost of the ABM bars. I have all the parts and we’ll take pictures once it’s complete. Like other posts, I’m having trouble getting the bar ends out of the triple clamp. I have the entire triple clamp removed so not too long once I get it figured out. I bought bars for about $30 that are similar to The ABM bars on Amazon. I ended up buying a 7/8 size and we’ll use some reducers for the clamp. The bar ends on the vitpilen are 22mm or 7/8.ornso I’ve been told .I’ll LYK as soon as I am done .


    Sorry that was the stock svartpilen triple clamp I bought .


    To get the bar ends out is simple. The bar ends are conical and stay in whether or no the recessed underside holding screw is installed or not. My bike did not have those screws installed. They certainly had the main screw on the end that attached the tree top slide in to the slide in bar end. Anyway I suspect you are missing those little screws. They are a torx screw head if installed so check that first.


    Then either remove those weird screws and the bar ends come out with a gentle twist from a pair of plyers. Please use a rag so not to scratch the bar ends should you wish to sell them as new riders dump this bike easy given its tall height and bend those bar ends.

    It is easier to remove those bar ends if you at least remount the top tree to hold it in place


    i may go with the KTM order idea as well. I am still thinking ABM


    hope it helps


    Tattoo Richie



    GOOD- installed the svartpilen triple tree and risers and it look(ed) awesome .

    BAD-perfect fit but the throttle wire assembly won’t come close to reaching; same thing with the front brake line .

    UGLY- I put everything back to stock but now the forks/bars won’t turn to the right. Bike is not rideable stops and locks almost like the steering lock is blocking it .The steering lock is retracted and not locked. The center stem is getting hung up somehow when I removed the cinch nut (notched) it will turn but it pushes the stem up popping the steering head bearing out .

    Anyone have any clue as to why it’s binding? Brand New like 120 miles brand new . Does the front end need to be suspended before tightening the center


    PS- First rule of working on a brand new bike: do no harm which evedeny I did somehow .

    Any ideas?



    I am sorry to hear of your issues with this. Yes it you swap out the top tree with a svart set up the brake cable and I suspect the throttle assembly would need to be replaced as the part number is different over the vitpilen.  The bars you choose from amazon are an unknown as far as height goes as the svart  uses a fat bar set up in the clamp with 7/8 or 22 mm for the controls.

    The AMB kit address all these issues either directly or by the supplied bar height.

    Never the less, the only bolt that you should have lossen was the main center bolt and the 2 on the fork tube tree and the speedo asemblty 2 bolts so the speedo will drop down enough so you can reach the fork tube tree bolts.

    The bike should not be binding unless use have some out out of place upon reassembly or if you messed with any of the other center bearing bolts.   If you only remove the first center bolt that sits on the tree there should be no problem and no you don’t have to suspend the  the bike before tightening that bolt

    can you send a few pics and let the us see what is gong on.

    hang tight

    Tattoo Richie

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