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    I picked up my 2018 401 a few weeks before spending some time in Mexico. I got back and finally have some time to ride it around. I have build a ton of bikes, esp cafe racers and bobbers. This is my first off the floor new bike in some time as I always built my own bikes.

    Anyway anyone have any thoughts or comments on the super low handle bars and their comfort? Since they are not rubber mounted like the black arrow I was considering adding a riser kit should Husky offer one soon. Just an inch or two. I don’t want to swap out the dark arrow triple tree top as those bars are certainly more scrambler in form and function.

    Just wanted to see were the rest of the forum is on the vitpilen 401 original bars. I am 5  11 and they are would be perfect if you are 6 2




    I’d be into this if it existed. Would hate to have to swap out cables and brake lines though.


    I think they are available. I have ordered the rear turn signals and the dash protector. I should have them today. Shipping was kind of slow and communication was almost non-existent.

    AvatarDaniel Taylor

    Have you managed to find a solution?

    is it really to low? im 5 foot 8 so will i find it even more uncomfortable?


    did you find risers?


    thank you

    AvatarDaniel Taylor

    For anyone interested here is the solution:


    (i have not done this myself yet)




    You can actually build your own kit using the Svart upper clamp from Husqvarna and sourcing all needed parts for about half the price. I have mine all ordered. Domestic parts all arrived and waiting for Austria delivery on Svart parts. Should be interesting when all done. I will post pics.

    AvatarDaniel Taylor

    can you share what you need to order as would love this




    I swapped the clip-ons for ABN.

    Its in between vitpilen and Svartpilens handlebars hightwise.

    Easy to install. A bit expensive but super good quality.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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