Greetings from Sweden

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    Tom Gång

    This is my all-stock Vitpilen parked outside my workplace, for what could be the last time before winter storage. It’s constantly raining and occasionally freezing.

    I got my A license a month ago and am taking every opportunity to ride and practice. So far about 1200 km on the odometer. It’s my first motorcycle and the first vehicle I bought new. Got a good deal on last year’s model, equivalent of 7.800 EUR or 8.600 USD. My planned mods are bar end mirrors, side pannier and extra lights.

    What I like most about the bike, apart from the looks, weight and handling, is how much personality the engine has. Accelerating past 4000 rpm, it feels like a jackhammer and roars like a lion! The driving school uses BMW F700GS which is comparable in performance, but feels like it was designed to get you comfortably from A to B and not more.


    You got a great price on that. Nice work.


    Awesome bike to start your career on! And as said above, at a very good price as well!

    Shame about the wetter. I know how you feel, I just washed mine for winter storage this week.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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