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    Well this seems like a good place to start a build thread. So far I’ve had my Svartpilen for about 5 weeks and it’s been lots of fun to work on. Last week I painted my Svart with satin Granite and matte clearcoat (7 coats of granite paint, and 3 clearcoats. I was debating wrapping it, but spraying it was much cheaper, and I think it turned out much better than I could have done with a wrap (never having wrapped anything before). I used the stock plastics, just removed the yellow stripe stickers first. I like the satin grey (granite) a lot more than the stock gloss black. I’ve got some black husky decals and a windscreen on the way too which should make it look a little more complete.

    Future mods I want to do include cat-delete, light guard, rear rack, and R6 rear suspension swap. I’m sure I’ll end up doing more eventually.



    Looks good!



    @407 guy Thank you


    Got my decals on the other day. The Husqvarna on the tank pop out is a little larger than I was hoping, but I like them.


    Finally got my windscreen. Here’s another boring garage picture because there been snow on the ground for the last week. I’m hoping weather will clear up this week and I can test it out. Any wind deflection will be nice, but I mainly got it for the looks, which I think it greatly improves. This is a ducati scrambler windscreen I got off amazon for about $40 and mounting was really easy.


    Nice one, love the grey scheme too.

    Did you sand down before painting ?



    Looks great!


    Thanks guys,


    @doublure_bite Yes i used some fine grit sandpaper and went over it all just to make sure the paint got a good bond. I tried to hit the edges left from removing the yellow stripe a little more. I think the trick is just lots of coats of paint, and layering the clearcoat. I also wiped down the first few coats of paint with a wet cloth after drying to remove any dust (or dog hair) that settled while they were drying in my garage.


    I really like that screen! And the yellow light (alas not legal here in the UK) looks cool too.


    @Vanessa Thank you. I was a little worried ordering it but I think the windscreens do really help the looks of our bikes (and are at least somewhat functional).


    Looking sharp! I love the Svartpilen 401, but have a hard time with the neon green accents. Yours is a nice solution.

    I might recommend the passenger foot peg delete bracket (I see you’ve already pulled the pegs). I did it on mine, and it’s a slick piece of kit, and does a lot for the look of the bike:

    I think you are right that the logo on the pop out is a bit on the large side….have you considered these:

    Keep us posted!



    @ECJJCE Thanks for the recommendations. The passenger peg delete bracket looks like a good option to add in the future.


    This weekend I added what I think is one of the best modifications for safety, an AUX light. I bought a pair of these lights and played around with how to mount them for a few weeks before deciding on just mounting one to my handlebars. Total install time took about an hour, most of this was wiring it into my licence plate lights so it shuts off when my ignition is off, and really making sure the wires were tucked away nicely under the plastics. The big surprise was that the light has 3 modes; just the led halo light, halo and projector (high), and flashing. As a new street rider (with only prior offroad experience) I’m still a little paranoid about car traffic and not being visible (That might not be a bad thing). After testing this at night, I think it’s a huge help. I also really like the asymmetric look of just 1 aux light.

    The following day I installed a 16 tooth front sprocket (had to watch a few videos on adjusting the chain properly). I didn’t get to test this out yet due to some snow and ice, but I’ll report back, hopefully with a few photos of the bike out on the street.)


    100% ok in the uk.

    – The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989″Headlamp colour: white or yellow”

    Film was my choice because it should protect the plastic lens cover a bit more than paint – and it’s easily removed/swapped.

    I think the UK legal choices for film colour are either Sunset Yellow or Fluro Yellow.





    Again, very nice!


    Nice, link to decals please.

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