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    Wish I hadnt looked at this site now… just gunna wait for petrol to start cleaning the shed floor.Anyhoo.

    Bought a fueling dongle from a guy in Australia.$35 including exhaust bung.My bike was fuelled WAY better than a 2010 Duke ( with Rapidbike AND Tune ECU) stock, but the dongle has made  it a  bit better.

    Bought a 15T JT sprocket. I actually didnt really mind the 16T ( my 2010 Duke R had 15:42 AND 15:45), but the best 15T has made 1st less tall, and 6th actually useable.

    I think I’m just about done. I’d like a bit more noise but I dont want a cat delete that loses the belly fairing and also all the LV dyno charts show a modest reduction in performance


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