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    I picked up my new Vitpilen 401 from the dealer last Thursday (2018.10.04).

    The only modification so far are the mirrors. I don´t like bar end mirrors that much so I opted for an alternative I found popular with KTM and Husqvarna MX bikes.


    The mirrors are Shin Yo items (normally used as bar end mirrors) combined with thread adaptors from M10 to M6 and fitted to the  mounting points of the standard mirrors (note there is a left hand thread on the right hand/front brake lever side of the bar). The mirror´s bodies are black plastic and thus match well the plastic switch housings.

    On MX bikes the handlebar and tank are further apart than on the Vitpilen. That is why the mirrors would touch the tank when the handlebar is fully turned to engage the steering lock. So I had to fabricate spacers to fit between the mirrors and the adaptors. These are made from an alloy tube with internal diameter just big enough for a M6 screw to pass trough and 28 mm long. Since the alloy was anodised in not matching silver I simply wrapped the adaptors in black electric insulation tape.

    Hopefully this week will see the arrival of the following parts:

    R&G tail tidy,
    exhaust holding arm (so I can remove the passenger foot pegs),
    alloy caps for brake fluid reservoirs,
    alloy speedo cover (

    Plans for the near future include a Remus slip on exhaust and maybe some carbon fibre parts as front sprocket cover, chain cover and the small hugger mudguard.


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    Pillion seat cover and Jimmy Galactic headlight lens shield fitted.

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    I´m more than gutted to announce that my Vitpilen obviously has been professionally stolen from its hidden parking spot in a condominium parking garage. First registered on September 18th 2018, done around 500 km by now.

    The bike has been locked in to my car parking space next to my car by 5cm distance. The steering lock of the bike has been engaged and the bike was covered by a floortouching olive green dust cover. So no one would have been able to see what bike was hidden under the cover. Someone must have observed me and the bike´s parking spot.

    Anyway report to the police has been done – but don´t expect anything at all from their engagement or rather so called investigations. The bike most probably has been been brought abroad. Insurance company hopefully will hand out the full price of a new bike. But I´m going to report my VIN to the Husqvarna/KTM dealerships as stolen so maybe my bike will show up again if the temporarily owner is smart enough to register the VIN with an official dealership.


    Just a short summary of modifications done to the bike:

    Yellow Jimmy Galactic headlight cover,
    Pillion seat cover,
    Short ShinYo mirrors,
    ABM customs speedo cover,
    Passenger footpegs removed incl. new exhaust holding arm,
    Metal covers for brake fluid reservoirs,
    R&G tail tidy.

    I know it´s probably useless to ask for worldwide attention for my bike bur maybe somone has its eyes open for used parts off my bike.

    Big hug for everyone keeping their eyes open helping to recover my vitpilen…


    My stolen bikes´ VIN: VBKUVJ404JM232967

    Please share and make this stolen bike unregisterable anywhere.


    Sorry to hear that.
    Hope that at least you’ll get a proper replacement soon.

    Regards from munich, keep your head up!


    nice bike 🙂

    And the theft of a rare bike won’t be undetcted.


    Really sorry to hear that this has happened @Pat. I have my bike stored in the same type of garage that you mentioned, under the same conditions, and this brings a whole new level of attention to the matter.

    I think it it’s a very good idea to announce the incident publicly, particularly in a worldwide based forum. As @Kylander79 suggests, the bike is rare enough to be spotted no matter where it ends up.

    Please keep us posted on its status…fingers crossed it’ll turn up soon


    Thanks for your moral support. But I don´t think I will get it back. I called the dealership yesterday to have the VIN registered in their system so there will be given a notification that the bike is stolen when someone brings it up to a German dealership. Unfortunately this system is restricted to Germany only.

    The guy from the dealership confirmed my suspicion – most bikes stolen in this part of Germany are brought off to the Netherlands, the border is only about 60 kilometers from here and you´ll be there in about 30 minutes via Autobahn.

    Theft has been reported to the insurance company, fingers crossed that they will refund the full price incl. parts. There is a deadline of one month for them to pay in order to give the police some time for investigations first.

    Another thing that I´m a bit suspicious about is that the thieve(s) might have used this forum to get information about where to find the bike since I posted pictures showing my registration plate and maybe there has also been some hidden geotracking information included in the pictures.

    Anyway, the next bike and also my storage place will definetely have some anti-theft features.

    Steven, I´ll get back to you for a new lens shield then, too.


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    Wow you know Pat, this is all very concerning…particularly your geo-tracking theory. I just looked back at some of your previous posts and I can’t find where you posted your license plate anywhere, so perhaps there may be some truth to your theory.

    I’ve been thinking about your incident and thought that perhaps you can start a new “Stolen Bike” thread here, with the same vital information you’ve already provided…and some. I know it sounds redundant but I think a self-titled thread will get everyone’s attention and since many of us are often looking for parts and whatnot on Ebay and other sites, we may come across some random part(s) that may prove to be unique to yours…just a thought and it won’t hurt to try.


    Insurance company told me today that the “refund of the buying price for up to 24 months old vehicles” clause applies only for cars, not motorcycles.

    Stolen motorcycles will see only a refund of the value the bike had at the time being stolen or rather the amount a used bike of the same type, age and condition can be found for sale today. And there probably will not be a total refund of accessories fitted although I kept all the bills.

    Well, while this is not very good news I still found a dealer selling new/0 km 2018 Vitpilen 401s for 4.800 Euros as a special deal until May 15th which is 900 Euros off the price I paid for my bike last September. Downside of the deal is the location of the dealer about 600 kms away which requires shipping the bike to my place at an extra cost of 200 Euros.

    So I´m going to put down a deposit to secure that deal and keep my fingers crossed for the insurance company to fork out some acceptable money leaving me at break-even with the refund compared to the price of replacing the bike as it was in order to not end up in a lawsuit with them.

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    Sorry to startup the old thread again. But does anybody know if Jimmy Galactic still produces the lens shields? I tried to approach him on insta but no luck. Nor on the web. Ideas are welcome! Thanks in advance.

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