Geometry of Svartpilen 701

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    So I am stuck in Melbourne lock down at the moment…anyway watched an old review of the Svartpilen 701…the guy said it was exactly the same as the Duke 690…and thought the different/better handling was due to the seating position…that didn’t ring true so I did a quick google…

    Svartpilen 701 head angle is 1.5 degrees steeper than the Duke 690…with the wheelbase an inch or just over shorter…

    Just popping it out there for folks who are looking…Husky put a fair bit of effort into these bikes…raided the good ktm bits box…then sharpened up the handling to boot…

    Dropped the gearing on mine to 15/42…it’s an absolute weapon now on the streets…


    I really think that Vitpilen 701 it’s a Duke 690 in general terma, the svart it feels much more trail, I’ve got a Vitand also I drive a Svart of a friend, the svart is much more soft in general feeling, also the front wheel whit 19” instead 17” and mix tyres make this feeling, in general is funnier in normal conditions but the vit is faster and much more sport


    Savrt has 18″ tires…not sure how one is faster than the other Vit & Svart only differ on seating position?


    It’s true, 18” wheel Svart vs 17” in Vitpilen.
    As I said before I am used to ride both and the different are bigger than I though, you feel the suspension with more distance and softer in the road, also the position of the handlever, but in general the feeling is like comfort mode in Svart and Race mode in Vitpilen, but despite of this in city riding or in daily use the svart is funnier.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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