Gas & Retro Vit 701

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    Not mine but I wondered if there were any thoughts on this.  I like the headlight mask.


    David Brazil

    It looks great, I think.

    I wish they had added a small translucent window to the headlight cowl to bring it up a little and add some wind protection.

    Max Kool

    I dm’d them for a price on the headlight cowl, painted in either silver (same as the Vit), or semi gloss black.



    The best improve are the forks, double front brakes and the brembo master pump.

    I’m thinking to try to fit the whole front system of a 990 superduke.

    The 990 forks are larger than vitpilen but then I could fit an aftermarket semis in a high position.

    Too much better brake and more confortable position.

    The 990 front wheel is the same design than Vitpilen ones.

    1. The only thing that I can’t know if it could work well is the ABS system.. …

    With reference to your ABS question, the biggest change that upsets ABS systems is the inertia of the wheel and tyre combination. If your new wheel and tyre are larger diameter and/or heavier than what the bike originally had, then the ABS system will struggle to prevent deep wheel slip in a harsh braking scenario. This could prove to be dangerous.

    Other things to check are that you must keep the original wheel speed sensor and original polewheel. Or if the bike uses a sensor built into the wheel bearing, that same sensor bearing must be used on the new front end. If you change the wheel speed sensor set up on the front wheel away from what the ABS ECU (computer) is expecting, it won’t work properly.

    If the volume of brake fluid in the front master cylinder is altere from the OE fit master cylinder, the ABS system will either dump too much or too little fluid in a wheel lock situation, meaning you might actually run out of lever travel and be unable to stop.

    Without knowing the specifications of the original front brake setup and the new front setup, I can’t say whether it would be safe or dangerous.

    Max Kool

    There is no need to buy a different front wheel actually. The stock wheel can be converted to dual rotor.

    Btw, after installing different pads I’m not convinced this bike needs twin disks. And don’t forget adding another rotor and caliper will increase unsprung and / or rotating mass.

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