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    I feel like I’m filling up almost every time I take my bike out. The range fluctuates so much, its hard to really know how many miles/gallon I’m getting. Ideas?


    You need to start tracking and logging fill ups and distance travelled per tank and then calculate kms/ltr (or mpg) and then you need to classify the ride taken (city, hwy, etc.) and only after doing this can you begin to understand if there is a consistency or lack thereof. And if there is a lack of consistency you may be able to ascertain if it was due to the type of riding or riding situation – or if there really is something wrong with the bike.

    There is an easy to use website that will track all of this data for you once you begin entering your fuel fill ups and distance per tank (

    I get somewhere between 24-28 kilometres per litre depending on where and how I ride.

    Good luck.


    Some Guy

    I agree with Heisenberg. The gauge does feel consistent when I factor in how hard I’m riding. The bike barely sips any gas just cruising around gently, but once I start yanking the throttle around the mileage drops fast.


    My gas indicator tells me I’m running out (2 bars left on the indicator) when I’ve used about 2 gallons out of the 3.3 tank. I’ve started collecting my receipts to keep better track of it all but I think that it may actually be a challenge for the computer due to the tank shape. I do not know how it actually tracks how much fuel you have in the tank, however I could see that being the issue.


    I’m currently on my 3rd tank with the first being 65mpg and the second being 55.7mpg, I concur that the DTE range varies a ton depending on how you’re riding, I went from 80 DTE to 20 DTE on the last tank is way less than 50 miles.

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