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    Hi all,

    I’m in the market for a big-city street bike that can squeeze into small gaps and parking spaces and the Vitpilen feels like the perfect choice. My previous bike was a V-strom 650 which was a (relatively) huge, wide, comfy mile crusher, however it was a total pain in the ass in cities. I’m planning on test riding both the Vit and Svart next month, however I have a few questions that hopefully the community here can help answer.

    Passengers. I’m planning on taking my wife around the city quite often. On my previous bike she had handholds around the rear seat which did wonders for our trips as it didn’t load all her weight onto my wrists when braking. So far I haven’t been able to find any passenger handhold aftermarket parts for the Vit or Svart. Do they exist?

    Freeway cruising. Part of my occasional commute (2-3 times a month) involves a 100+ mile, 70-80 minute stretch of freeway riding where the average vehicle speed is 70-80mph. Is this going to be a trip I’ll look forward to or dread? Occasionally I really need to lay the power down to avoid big rigs and stay out of sketchy traffic situations and I worry the 401 might struggle there.

    Any input would be majorly appreciated. Thanks!


    The pinion is pretty uncomfortable, but there is a grab handle that comes stock. For a short distance, it should be fine. Freeway…is not pleasurable. It has enough power to get out of its own way, it just doesn’t enjoy cruising at a steady speed of 70-80mph.


    I rode with my wife today first time- it was not fund for me- she liked it but my wrist felt it every time I had to slow or stop- this is a far better single rider bike with every once in-awhile passenger carry imo


    Hey again,

    I wound up getting a Svartpilen 401 which has been fantastic. You all were right that two-up riding is tolerable at best. Lane splitting with it has been super liberating.


    My only question after 100 miles of riding is whether the fan runs as frequently for others as it does for me. It seems to kick on constantly and heat builds up quickly. Coming from a V-strom 650 this seems excessive but hey maybe it’s normal?


    Yes, the fans on these bikes do run a lot, and the bike gets hot, especially in slow traffic situations and hot weather.


    I definitely get a lot of fan noise while in stop and go traffic—I suppose that’s to be expected when sitting still. It doesn’t bother me, as I’ve never seen the thermometer rise above mid-way on the dash, so I suppose it’s doing its job.

    I haven’t taken the girlfriend out yet on the back. Mine is set up without the grab handle, maybe I’ll install it this weekend. I suppose she’ll probably want to go eventually haha.

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